Hello, I am in the process of finalizing my novel. I am preparing to send out queries and finalizing is a four letter word. I am constantly going through my MS for the last time. I heard a quote that a MS isn’t finalized until it goes to press. I’m finding the truth in that statement. I am compiling a list of ten agents to submit to and all have different requirements. Although, all are similar there are details that I need to be concerned with. Ex., a one page synopsis, a two page synopsis, or a 500 word synopsis-requires three separately written recaps of the story.

I have been concentrating on the MS and not much else lately. After all my priority is the book. The blog and media outlets are to create a platform for the former. I have been neglectful of this blog but I also realize my novel wouldn’t be where it is-wherever that is-without it. I have used the blog to test run excerpts from the various WIP’s and love the feeling of free writing. Also, in an effort to write everyday I have used the blog to more or less document my progress. I am still working toward my goal of getting an agent and getting my novel published.

Right now I need a 500 word synopsis of my story Summer Palace and thought I would get it done here killing five birds with one stone (maybe two).

Summer Palace is a love story set in 17th Century Russia shortly before Peter the Great’s reign. Katia is a young Muscovite woman who has grown up in the terem tradition. Katia is willful, defiant, and not at all like her siblings. Her mother treats her differently and it becomes obvious that the dark-haired beauty is a product of an affair and an inconvenience.

Katia is not content to exist as a compliant, subdued, and manageable daughter. She longs for life outside and is drawn to her chamber window to observe the world she cannot be part of. Her longings become her dreams and soon her reality when she escapes the terem dressed as a servant girl and goes to the stables on the Estate and asks to ride one of the stallions.

The stable is empty except for the sullen boy who is there to pay restitution for the damage he did to the Stable Master who is courting his mother. He tries to send Katia away but his heart softens to her when he realizes that she is not what she seems. He finds it in his heart to take her back to the Palace on the black stallion. In all her dreams she never imagined the exhilaration of the ride and the closeness of the boy.

Katia’s brother meets the stable boy and they become comrades. They talk of their traditions and cultures. Wiley a foreigner living in the New German Quarters and Pavel the son of a Baron and the heir to the Estate work out their differences. The Tsar Feodor III is frail and considered unfit to rule, but he proves the critics wrong by keeping the policies of his father and surrounding himself with capable men.

In 1676 Russia becomes involved in the Ukranian war against the Ottoman Empire and Pavel and Wiley join the Dragoons. Pavel makes the announcement to his family and Katia is distraught. She sees Wiley outside her chamber window and decides to risk all. They ride into the night and plan their future. They are found out and Pavel tries to cover for them and is banished while Katia is forcibly betrothed to a nobleman’s son.

Dimitry Rostov has no desire to be married and has a similar reason to put off marriage as Katia. Together they grow to love and respect one another by remaining true to their hearts. The war wages on. Pavel is wounded and returned home. Wiley is lost and resurfaces after escaping an Ottoman prison. He is not aware of the troubles back home with the streltsly led coup and imposition of Sophia as Regent after the untimely death of her brother Feodor III.

The story concludes when Katia decides to find Wiley who has since abandoned his life and rides with the Cossacks on the Eastern Steppes. She follows the unit sent to the Crimea and finds Wiley has changed. She has risked all and given up any chance of a good life and is devastated by the scene she witnesses.

After he convinces her and they escape the persecution of their cousin who seeks revenge they depart to Germany and Pavel goes home to Moscow to make peace with his father.