The Process

I’m gearing up for what’s to come in the next few months. I am anxiously waiting to hear from the publisher who I’ve partnered with for my first novel. The first step “house styling” is a monumental task. Most likely the most time-consuming step in the process – I gather. As I know from my last correspondence with the publisher my MS has not gone to the proofreaders yet. I plan to contact them again mid-December and I hope the proofs will be on their way to me by that point.

I am thrilled beyond measure to have success with my fourth novel. My hope is that you will enjoy the story as well.

Summer Palace is a Romance Fiction with Historical Elements. Complete at 71,114 words.

Set in a tumultuous time in Russia, before the reign of Peter the Great, a young man rages against the new man in his mother’s life. Fiona Breuder is a strong woman who has kept the family together after their father abandoned them, and is horrified to find that her son harbored such ill feelings.

Wiley Breuder is sent to work the farm of Herr Brom and soon discovers his love for horses and the simple joys of life it offers. One day he finds a servant girl in his stable and is moved by her simple request to ride a horse for the first and last time.

He soon discovers her true identity after befriending the heir to the Summer Palace. He must elevate his station in life or lose Katia; the one person who touched his troubled heart.

Wiley and the Baron’s son join the Russian army and are immersed into the horror of seven years of war. They aren’t heard from until Pavel arrives home, years later, wounded, and is cared for by Wiley’s sister.

Wiley is given up for dead, and Katia finds herself betrothed to a man she doesn’t love. Despite the devastating news, she makes the fateful decision to find him, but she forfeits her life by disgracing her family and sets off to find the boy who sacrificed everything to win her father’s approval.

Please watch for it this spring.

In the meantime, I have finished my third novel after a complete reconstruction it is ready to be presented. The Tea Room is a Historical Fiction complete at 76,231 words. It also is set in Russia in the 17th Century with all new characters and circumstance.

I have started to write a sequel to Summer Palace for now I’m calling it Winter Dwelling but that may change. I am again enjoying the early stages of writing a novel. However, I am now much more aware of the process and hope to avoid some of the errors I made in my first novels. The errors I refer to are the hours of work that come with getting a ‘sketch draft’ (which is what I call my first draft) ready for publishing; format, structure, syntax, pov, etc.

I have set goals for myself and I’m happy to say I’m on target  give or take a few months.

Originally, I planned to have my novel in the process of being printed by my substantial birthday in April 2016. I was devastated when the irons I had in the fire grew cold. However, I didn’t give up and emerged myself in a re-education and re-edit. Four months later I sent out the query and was happy to receive an offer for my story. My second goal was to have another MS ready in case my first story went over so well they’d want first option on another. As of today, I have reached that goal.

My next goal? I’d better get on that. Four published novels by my next substantial birthday? Let me sleep on that.