Inundated… with snow

It has been over a month since my book was launched in the UK. I’m still waiting for the paperback to be IN STOCK at Amazon. There are sevaral orders pending and I’m anxious for them to receive the book. The e-books on both Amazon and B&N are available for immediate download. I did receive my first Amazon Five Star Review. Thank you so much. Please keep the reviews coming. Hearing that readers liked the book is heartwarming even in this storm hitting New England as I speak.
Now, you can order a signed copy of The Summer Palace on my website: I have advance copies to fulfill the orders but at some point will receive books from the distributor and I will be able to replenish my inventory.

I’m including another few paragraphs from The Summer Palace to pique the interest of readers who may need a little preview of my work.
Excerpt from Chapter IV
The following morning, Wiley looked into the face of the man he had attacked in a moment of rage. His eyes diverted to the floor, his hand flexed, and his feet swapped position against the wooden planks of the farmhouse kitchen. After they broke their fast, Wiley struggled for the words of apology, but they didn’t come.
“Thanks for the food,” he said. “Come on, Henry, let’s go.”
Henry shrugged and shook his head. Wiley’s inept response resonated with the people gathered about the kitchen. He hesitated for a moment knowing what he should have said and what he wanted to say were polar opposites. He decided it was better to say nothing.

I’m looking forward to attending two book club reviews toward the end of this month. The reactions to my book are coming in and so far they’ve been positive. I’m grateful to all those who have purchased the book and find the time to read it. As I mentioned before, it’s an honor to have someone sit and dedicate those precious hours to my story and hopefully they come away with a positive response. I received a Kindle Fire for Christmas and downloaded my book to read through one more time before the reviews so it’s fresh on my mind (it should be etched on my mind). My point is that Alexa found my book for me in my library and proceeded to read it. I had no idea the Kindle had the capability to do that. The narration wasn’t that bad. There were some places where she gliched but I was impressed.
I plan to get an audio version of The Summer Palace produced and wait to hear from my publisher and will certainly share my experience with that endeavor. Since I listen to most of the books I read I’m anxious to offer my book to those who prefer audio.

My writing groups are fun and I find really creative and talented people who love to write. I am inspired on my journey to improve my writing. My search for beta readers and critique partners hasn’t gone so well, but I’m attending a meeting in Connecticut on January 14 to network with local writers.

I’m still reading as well. I just finished Kindred by Octavia E. Butler. It’s a wonderfully creative time-travel take on the horror of slavery from a first person point of view. I have recently become interested in this subject after watching ‘Finding Your Roots’ and learning the personal history of slavery in this country. It has worked it’s way into some of my creative writing and one of my online friends recommended this book. Currently, I’m enjoying re-reading The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley.

An e-mail blast is scheduled to go out. I hope you enjoy the content and continue to check in. I appreciate comments and look froward to hearing from you.