One More Day Until Publication


I recently read a book in which the subject is about a club you never want to belong to. The authors who get a book published on the other hand is a club I have been actively trying to get into for almost three years. On November 30, 2017 I will officially be a member of that club. I feel so joyful today. I recently joined a local writers group and book club two separate groups both with talented and articulate people. I recently read that marketing your book is very important but WORD OF MOUTH is a much stronger vehicle. It has been a most pleasant experience friendly, encouraging people in both groups. People that love to read and those who love to write. My kind of people. I’m also reading books I would never have chosen for myself and broadening my world. Today’s group considered and chose my book The Summer Palace to read for the next book of the month I am honored and crave the feedback. Tommorrow I will deliver twelve books to another book club. It’s wonderful how receptive these avid readers welcomed my book sight unseen and I hope they aren’t disappointed. So far this new phase of the process has been a positive experience.

Thursday, my book will be available to purchase. There are three ways to purchase my book The Summer Palace by S. Forrest Nomakeo,, and Barnes and Noble in Western Mass. and online. Amazon and B&N may state that the book is out of stock because they need to get orders in order to place an order so don’t be discouraged so by ordering from (UK) may be the most direct way if you absouletley mus t have the book right away… and I can understand your reasoning for that. The Summer Palace by S. Forrest Nomakeo because there are other books by the same title but this book is yellow and the only one that bears my name.


It was one month ago today that I sent my third book The Places You Will Be From out to query. Since my initial blog I have received no word from any of them. That is why you must never wait; keep on writing, reading, and dreaming. I’m still looking for a Critique Partner of Tea Room my second book and it sits in the crock pot on low.

Now I have several clubs I’m proud to be part of. Check out the local library website and join a writers or readers book club. That’s what I did.

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