The Low Down

I’m not sure how to tell you to avoid these things, but I walked right into it. Sometimes I think it’s better to be reactive—you may get discouraged otherwise if you think about it too much. My book was released, but only in the UK. The domestic distributor has not done their part. It seems I will have to have a separate launch date for my US readers. My book, The Summer Palace is available in paperback and e-book at the UK website under New Releases or under authors under Nomakeo. The price is $13.95 US dollars and $4.95 respectively. It costs almost as much as the book to ship to the US. I am asked to check and for the availability of my book. To date only the Kindle version is available on I have ordered books through my publisher and the website and hope I receive copies of my book to honor the commitments I have made and keep my sales going in a forward direction. I will have to guard them with my life until it becomes easier to get them. Currently, I’m in possession of five books which is no way to start marketing a new release. Not sure how to avoid such a thing in the future. I was told the launch of my book on November 30, 2017 would include all outlets but that didn’t happen. My fault for being too trusting? However, it’s times like this that test your mettle. My publisher is trying their best to get the domestic distributor going and I have ordered books through the UK for limited local distribution.

I usually barge my way through life and figure it out later. That has been my method. When I was a typesetter and they brought in desktop publishing I didn’t have enough sense to balk. Some did. I dove into it and figured it out as I went along. Same with writing. I tell stories and then I figure out how to make it readable. Same with desktop, if I only knew what I was getting myself into I might not have started, some never do.

I was a listener long before I was a writer perhaps that is where all my stories come from. I have passion for history and passion is key to writing… I’m convinced of that. I didn’t target an audience or plan a strategy, but I can certainly see a point for that. You must respect your audience and mustn’t trip them up with more information than they need or sentences they can’t read. Certain genres require shorter books… fantasy books are usually 80,000+ words. You need to know where your book will fit in a book store. I hadn’t figured that out either. Today, I know my book is a Literary Historical Fiction but I kind of squeezed it in there because it made sense—hindsight.

As I mentioned before The Summer Palace is my fourth book. Book One Woven sits in a box collecting dust all 180,000 words. Book Two The Tea Room has recently had another rejection and it too sits at 77,000 words until I can find a Critique Partner or beta readers. Book Three Places a Science Fiction historical fantasy at 67,000 words has been out on query for about one month and one half with only the sound of crickets in my inbox. Needless to say, it was a thrill when The Summer Palace was picked up two weeks after submission along with nine others (After four months of intensive reconstruction). Never heard from the other nine.

For the Spring of 2018 I have a US Launch planned and an Author Fair at a local library. There are many tools for new authors in your local communities and I was happy to realize this. Book Club readers have been so receptive and they read for the joy of it. It’s great to see how a book impacts the lives of others and I hope my book will be well received.

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