Heading to Connecticut

I am getting ready for one of those weends I spoke about in my last post. My sister, Catherine, and I are getting together to “fine tooth comb” Part One of my epic novel. I am preparing for another query letter and attempt to have someone take a look at my “10 page sample” no matter how many times I go through my files I still find corrections to make. I recently read a book where the author was writing about an author who typed pages and printed them out directly for submission to her agent. I doubt I will ever have such command of the English Language that I can go from brain to paper with no errors. I write frantically (so far) no concern to names or details, I usually clean that up in my first read over, I have a system where I read through four times then print it to paper and still have glaring errors, I realize a writer can be highly critical of their own work, I find it necessary to put it aside for a week or so then go back. “Did I write that?” I find myself saying sometime (pretty clever).

I have Part One and Part Two of my story ready to travel with me and I hope to have some concrete finality to the first half of my story.

Blogging doesn’t come easy … I am usually a private person of few words. In fact in college I could never complete one “blue book” while other students went back up to the professor for a second and third.

I do have something to say however, so I will challenge myself and keep writing. It’s like a golf swing, if you keep at it long enough it becomes second nature — like breathing.

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