Definitely learning the business

Since I put the pen (so to speak) to paper this past January, I have learned quite a bit about the business of writing. It is a full time occupation aside from the time it takes to write the story. Self-publishing seems to be the buzz word these days and the amount of work that goes into self-promoting and self-advertising is only lessened somewhat by going the traditional route of acquiring an agent and publisher.

Even with the agent and publisher it is still up to you to have a platform and be an active participant in your business (your book). I shall remain undaunted. I am constantly re-evaluating my priorities and gaining confidence in my craft. Although, I haven’t received any feedback on my skill as a writer. I can see improvement though and I am wondering if my jump from the starter block was as efficient as it could have been.

Today, I continued my latest story and realized some exciting happenings that somehow come about. I still think the characters have a mind of their own, its almost like reading something someone else is writing. The story is called Flaked Tuna, it is kind of an inside joke. It is a Historical Fiction with a time travel element I have not used in any of my other stories so far. However it is not your typical “mode” of travel that I have come across in my admittedly limited experience.

My Tea Room story is another way I worked out my interest in a subject by discovering my imaginings in script, assigning different aspects of my inquisitive wanderings to specific characters and working it out through them.

Woven in Time the novel is different in that I had no ore-established plan that I needed to work out through the characters I just wrote a story — a very long story, with some social issues; discrimination, religious intolerance, childlessness, and separation to name a few.

Driven to Listen is a short story, which I submitted into a contest. It is sort of a memoir with serious fictional elements added to make it come alive. It was a story I had written that fit the parameters of the contest.

Another story (TRE) I wrote was specific to the contest I entered and won’t reveal unless I don’t receive one of the top four prizes, then I feel it would be fine to use it for another project.

If you notice I am trying to get used to mentioning my stories so I can effortlessly talk about them when I have the opportunity. That is something I really need to work on, it doesn’t come naturally.

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