Blogging works for me

Ever since I started blogging I can attribute the creation of my subsequent stories to the blog. My second story The Tea Room was a direct result of my attempt to blog every day. It started out as a way to explore if this concept would result in a good story. Twenty-four posts later I had my story complete at 18,000 words.

Its a historical fiction based on the lives of five Russian Royal Princesses and their seclusion from the world. I wanted to explore what might happen when this way of life is forced on five young women, of course it is conjecture on my part but that is what is so compelling about historical fiction.

There is little written about some of my favorite people who lived centuries ago but their legacy is still influencing us today.

It’s funny too how you start off thinking one of the characters you bring to life is going to react in a certain way. I am referring to Ludmilla, one of the middle sisters who was subservient and dismissed by everyone, except her sister who was ill. She turned out to have a spirit like no other and a wonderfully creative mind.

In my research I realized that most of the stories handed down weren’t written and were still sung. Fairy tales, believe it or not weren’t written as we know them today, until the nineteenth century. Canterbury tales by Chaucer were written in the Middle Ages but Russian children didn’t have access so I put a copy in their father’s library figuring that the Tsar maybe was able to get a copy for his daughters, for the pictures of course, they weren’t taught to read.

Women were treated differently in different societies, as they are today. But a determined young woman, who refuses to be diminished can use her intelligence to get ahead but may end up in exile as did Sophia (the Tsar’s half sister) in the time of Peter the Great. I loosely based my another of my Tea Room character’s Katrina after her.

To prove my point about blogging I just remembered another situation involving women that I need to explore. My readers will be hearing of that in the near future.

My short story Driven to Listen was another blogging exercise that turned into a great little story which I entered into a contest. I await the results before I go into too much detail.

My story Flaked Tuna is up to 6,000 words, it is another historical fiction with some sci-fi fantasy that I haven’t introduced before. I am having a lot of fun with that one.

I am going to Connecticut to see Catherine, my sister this weekend. I have blogged about her before. I am going to present my Pitch and go over the content of my Woven In Time novel. She is instrumental in this whole new career of mine and has been a constant support. She is coming with me to the WDC15 NYC and while I am doing my thing, she will be doing hers. Our great relationship was very helpful in writing about the sisters in the Tea Room.

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