Trying To Discover My Inner Blatherskite

Not good in crowds, I will open up and talk incessantly with a close friend but not much elsewhere. So I was surprised when I started to write my story that there was no loss of words. I just kept writing. My first draft was rife with “difficulties” that were easily remedied and on the fourth pass I was confident that it was acceptable. My father was an English teacher and I compliment him on some of the good decisions I made in proofreading the story.

Currently I am about half way through Part Three on the third pass correcting glaring errors and checking timeline issues. One more pass and I will print it out and add it to the completed first half of my story ready to be read by an agent.

I have not let the fact that I have submitted ten sample pages to an agent and have not heard back. I will try again. The next agent I am looking at requires a different submission style. Query letter, Synopsis, and a four page sample from the first chapter.

It is strange how my characters have come alive and I am almost fighting for their existence as I am for my own.

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