Curious Time for A Break

I am literally out th,e door for a weekend in NYC at the WDC15 conference. I have written five parts in my new story and will continue tomorrow, if I have a chance. I will have my iPad with me so unless I become incoherent I will blog about the conference or part six not sure. I spent a good portion of the day today working on my pitch and will drive Jay (my husband) crazy all the way to CT practicing it on him. He is so kind, he’s driving me there and dropping me off. I hope you don’t recognized him in my Flaked Tuna story.

I must say that if you have good people around you, who support you, you have half the battle fought.

Curious Allure is coming along I like the direction it’s taking because it is based on someone’s life, care to guess? A lot of history is lost and writing historical fiction is fun trying to figure out what happened in between what we know to be fact and what is conjecture. Marta is a wonderful character and imagining how she got to where she did is intriguing.

I am still writing “off the cuff” so to speak, I don’t outline or plan my stories unless something comes to me while I am sleeping and contemplating a character’s motives. Sometimes when I sit to write I hope I am not going to ruin a good sequence by being determined to write every day. Still, the character’s do what they want and a plan from a few moments earlier can change in an instant. Like the sudden trip to the Chapel, I thought that Phillip wasn’t a bad guy, like Uncle Alex, but instead a guy who wasn’t ready for a wife, but let’s still hold out hope this relationship can be saved, — I am a romantic at heart.

This is a little short today, if I am able to add more tonight I will but I expect I will be practicing my pitch.

On twitter I keep seeing all these great motivational quotes and they are inspiring, — keep writing, every day. I am amazed by the simplicity of some of the wisdom from writers and movie producers, etc. all very kind. Steven King has been quoted quite often and he is very inspirational. My quote at the top of my blog spoke to me and inspired a short story which I will post portions after the contest I entered it in has ended.

NYC here I come.

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