Five Princesses part two

Elizabeth Alekseyevna rallies her sisters who are lounging in the solar, well, the ones who are most often there, sharing the same existence.

“Mother has come to join us for our noon meal.” she announces.

The Tzarina Oxana Villovanivitch Brulinskia is seated at the well provided table with six place settings, wearing a lovely brocade burgundy red gown with a gold sash and her coronet of gold and ruby adornment.

Instantly the princesses know the details of the Tsarina’s day to come by her mannerism and her dress.

“Oh mother, where is father today?” asks a dismayed Elizabeth.

The youngest of the five princesses who seems to cling to the personage of her father the most, enters the room to embrace her mother who only waves her away to take her seat. Next to enter is Sophia escorted by Kersey, her personal maid servant.

“Oh, Sophia dear, are you having an unfortunates morning? I will seek out the physician for you on my way to the Ministry this afternoon. Please do sit down.”

Irina and Ludmilla hurry in to the room and take their places. The sixth setting remains empty.

“Anyone aware of Katrina this morning?” The Tsarina inquires.

“I saw her this morning, she was in her night shift and was hurriedly gathering her belongings together with the help of Mierda. But I have not seen her since.” Irina offered.

With that the servants arrived as if on cue to serve the remaining obedient daughters of the Royal Brulinskia Family.

“Mother,” Irina inquired. “You will be long at the Ministry this afternoon? Will you be able to join us? We will be looking at the fabric selection for the new gowns we were promised.”

“No, dear — perhaps tomorrow. I have a full day scheduled today and I hope to spend some time with the Tzar.”

Katrina enters the room, no attempt to apologize for her late arrival. She simply asks the servant to heat up her soup and asks for a fresh roll to go with it. The other sisters look at their mother and back to Katrina who sees no issue with her rude behavior.

“I have arraigned to have the seamstress join us after our meal, she will bring some new patterns of Western Style dresses all the fashion amongst the Boyar this season.” Katrina announces.

The brilliance of this girl cannot be matched in this room. In one grand announcement; she lets her mother off the hook for the guilt of making the girls wait an indeterminate amount of time for the one pleasure they have had to contemplate in months, she also gets a pass for her tardiness and not a question concerning her whereabouts all morning. — genius.

Vasilly Starostenko drains his fifth shot of vodka and slams the glass down shattering the glass and cutting his hand. He hardly notices but gets his blood all over the woman he has been tempting to disappear with him to the rooms upstairs. His time is short, his presence is required in the early morning hours as one of the Elite Royal Guard known as the Stretlsy. He will be successful as he is in most of his conquests.



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