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So, now I have one novel partial MS sent to an agent, in a holding pattern and two other books — not complete because I am re-writing and editing them starting with my third book. Which veering off- track. My first novel, was complete without any second thoughts as to where it was going or how it should end. No advance plan for genre, characters or plot.

It was a complete panser strike, yes armored artillery strike . My second book was blogged and was a complete happy ending. I like the story, and the characters but it is too short — by a lot. I am in the process of adding to it. I have a beginning, a middle and an end. I have gone from 18,000 words to 30,000 words. I am exploring the reasons I wanted to write the story in the first place and I feel there is much more there.

My third story had a great beginning, the middle started to drag leaving no confidence for the ending. It was going to be a short story but I wasn’t completely in love with it. I did quite a bit of research. If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you know that I attended a conference and have been trying to hone my skill. Blogging every day, it helps if you publish your work instead of leaving it in draft status, as I just did the other day.

Structure, outline, plot graph, scene, and sequel, etc. were not familiar terms when I sat to write Woven In Time, but I have been, ever so slowly, working my way in that direction.

I tore my third book apart, breaking it down, not sure where I was going but the process gave me a middle and end to what I had originally called Flaked Tuna. I had started a fourth book called Curious Allure by blogging about 800 words a day. There were common threads between the two stories so I combined them and I think I am on to something.

Today I went clothes shopping with my daughter for school and I literally had to tear myself away — from writing. That is the kind of emotion I had with my first and second books. Because of the tear down, edit frenzy I put on my wavering story, it is now in competition for the positive feelings I experienced with  my first two books — I wasn’t sure if it was possible. This all remains to be seen of course, — getting them published and sold will be the determining factor.

Now I have to consider whether my first novel needs to be taken back to the drawing board — so to speak. I am not going to go there until this third attempt is finished.

Do you know what I find really hard? Getting someone to read the book. So far only two people have read my first book and they are family members. It is such a personal effort to sit down and read a book. As a rule people won’t read books that don’t fall into their genre. It is a commitment to sit and read. An audio book can be listened to while driving, sleeping or doing the dishes. A book has to be read at a specific time, place or mood. It has to be worth their while and depending on how fast you read it can take up to a week of dedicated reading, when all else in your life is stalled.

My first query went out on May 28, 2015 and I haven’t heard anything from that agent. My most recent query went out on August 5, 2015 and I haven’t heard anything from that agent. My experience at the WDC15 was positive, but I am still waiting for a yes or no answer.

September 1, I plan to send out more queries, three months with no response from an unsolicited query letter I am told, — is a no. The queries have changed and will change again. It is a long process and I am using the time to create more works which I hope I will love as much as I did the first one.

I started this blog to help people like me, who are walking this path for the first time and I am leaving bread crumbs along the way.

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