Now starts the work

As I found out with my first novel, the hard part is when the story is finished. That is when the hard work begins. You must be actively involved in marketing your book. I don’t have much experience in that area yet, but I intend to learn and tell you all about it. Listening to others it can take years and many queries to grab the attention of someone who will read your story.

“If I can only get them to read it,” I am sure is the comment foremost on every writer’s mind. My second book is complete at 45,000 words and I will either go the query route or check out the self-publishing as I mentioned before. I finally have hard copy, not a first draft because I have gone through and edited, and hopefully my skill as a writer has improved. I have headed off the incomplete sentence fragments and run on sentences of my first draft.

Thanks for the great comments, I hope someone is getting some benefit from my experience. At this stage there is a lot of information archived the earlier blogs are documenting my earlier thoughts and process of writing a story and getting it published.

I believe I had successfully written a good query letter, log line and synopsis for my first novel, now I have to do the same for my latest story. Now I will be able to talk about juggling two stories at the same time, trying to get them both published.

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