Away from the office

If you have been reading along you would know about the process I’ve been going through with my newest book. I had torn it apart and used the scene/sequel  suggestion.  I perhaps didn’t  apply it properly because my sister who is reading it says it is  a little stark, that there is so much room for embellishment to make it more personal.

I am not sure if I used the process too literally or that is what the fantasy fiction reader wants. It’s a little frustrating. Parts of the book are more “human”  than others.

Having read together, half the book I will see how the rest reads before I go back to more of a  natural style than the strict scene -goal, conflict, disaster, etc format requires.

One of the comments I received about my blog was about the theme. I used a WP theme (twenty-five ) and worked with that go get what you see now. I took the pic with photo booth and uploaded it. Black and white photos work best I think, I did view other sites for ideas.

I am working from my sisters kitchen table on the iPad which is not my friend. I have so many typos and the screen is so small, but I made a commitment to blog or write daily — usually both  — so I forge on.

I miss the writing that comes when a story is burgeoning forth. I’m working on an idea for another story. I do have a WIP, my third book needs to double its size but as I mentioned in an earlier post it has to come somewhere from the inside of the story. I will get there as soon as I figure this one out. It really is quite a process.

I’m also hopeful that when I get back to the office tonight and check my e-mail that there will be some news on the nine queries and contests I entered in the last three months.

One thing I did get out of this first read experience is that I am not going to touch my first book until I resolve my temporary set back with this one. If anyone reading this is in a similar process as me, I hope it is encouraging to see the set backs and strides that are to be expected. Again I mentioned in an earlier blog some succesfull writers (published) had eighty query rejections and sometimes more than four years of persistence to their credit, its the same story with edits and belief that it is a great story. That puts everything into perspective. In other words “Don’t quit your day job” was the suggestion most often heard. However writing a book is a full- time job in itself.

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