Rome wasn’t built in a day. Let’s start off by saying that. I have been in a blue funk all morning. My second book was not received well on my two day adventure to CT. I am not sure why. I was so excited for the reveal, but it was a horror story getting through it. On a scale of one to ten (ten being – go find another way to expel your creativity). It was a seven.

This is the story that I ripped apart and followed the scene / sequel formula. So … either I didn’t implement that correctly or my writing leaves something to be desired.  The result was a rather stark story with no humanity.

I am working out whether the suggestion “If it doesn’t enhance the scene take it out” literally means what it infers. Again, I am sharing this because if I’m experiencing this, others are as well. If I find a happy middle I will let you know. However, the fast and furious result of the scene / sequel format may be what readers are demanding today.

Like I said the “set back” is quite frustrating, considering how anxious I was to have it read by someone other than myself.

But just as everything in this universe works, I got a text from an old friend asking me to send her some pages to read. So I did, from my first novel, Woven in Time.

I do have some work to do on my second book, aside from the current dilemma,  which I would be happy to share after the second draft is ready. I think I am going to go in and fix the obvious errors like names morphing throughout the book and characters from other stories popping in. the usual stuff.

Back to the drawing board.

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