I am intrigued by what my secondary research has turned up. In my attempt to write my first novel I ran across two concepts that formulated the basis for my two WIP stories. Peter the Great of Russia was the first surprise I encountered while researching my plans for my hero to go back to the home of his father. I was amazed by the exploration and the Westernization of the country that I knew very little about. The similarities to our own Western pioneers and native inhabitants was very interesting to learn about. The wild west atmosphere of the unsettled lands east of the Urals and the people who lived and died there is intriguing. The wars and the great leaders that ruled nations and made them great changed with the men at the head of the regime. The leaders that risked their own lives and went to war and motivated their men rivaled some of the men I have come to respect in the founding of our own country, George Washington in particular.

When a great man is leading a nation great things are accomplished when a lesser man rules the country fades and looses its former glory. The rush to name an heir hardly ever produced the level of the ruler who was considering the end of his rule. The replacements were usually substandard of course there are a few exceptions.

My subsequent stories do involve Peter the Great and his time in history, I find it fascinating and have a few more ideas that will be of interest to people like me who know little about the parallel experiences in the east.

When you feel passion for a subject it is easy to tell it in another way than has been previously done. The richness of the proud people and finding a way around the obstacles of unfamiliarity to get at the story is challenging and an education in itself.

My second story is more of a historical fiction which I took a “practice” which intrigued me and I explored it using creativity to imagine what life must have been like giving life to a story that very little is known about. My third book, started off similarly but it went way off into fantasy fiction/science fiction because of a tangent I followed.

My first story which is complete was a trial in learning something new every step of the way. I hope it finds the light of day.

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