Discovering Intermission

I am blogging my new story, Five Royal Princesses and I have just posted part four this a.m. However, I have not forgotten my first story which hasn’t been introduced to the blog. It is called The Schemer’s Weave (for now) and has four parts, it is currently 130,000 words. I have made two submissions, the second submission had different parameters than the first. I did receive a no-reply message that let me know one: that they did receive my submission (e-mail) and two: if I don’t hear back within thirty days to try again. So far with each submission I get a little more information which is helpful, although we all know the volume of submissions the agent/publisher gets each day, it is the writer’s heart and soul that goes along with each query letter sent that I seem to identify with.

Beside the blog, I have also signed up to attend a writer’s conference. I signed-up for several workshops and there is a networking party at night to attend. I look forward to meeting and hearing stories from other writers and I will share what I learn in this blog.

My first book is what I will be pitching at the conference. My second book debuted on this blog. My second book is based on information I ran across in doing research for my first book. I still have the passion for the story the second time around, it consumes a lot of my time. If I’m not writing it, I’m thinking it — looking for scraps of paper in the meantime to scratch down ideas before they are forgotten. So far nothing is preplanned, I just write and do some editing when blogging so I don’t appear too illiterate. The purpose of the blog is to get used to writing so the first draft isn’t an unreadable piece that distracts from the story.

I love comments, so far I have gotten one legitimate comment out of fifteen others that qualify as spam. I had opened my comments to all, but may rethink that if I get tired of tossing the spam. My intention is to share the process I am going through to get my book read and eventually published.

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