Thinking Out Loud

I have decided to enter another short story contest. In writing that story, I discovered an excellent way to get ideas for another book. I enjoyed the short story so much that I am adding to it to have it qualify as a book or novel. The exciting thing about limiting yourself to 4000 words in this case, is you have to come around to the story itself planning the middle and end as you go. I entered the contest, and like everything else in this business it will be almost 2016 by the time I hear anything on my story. I have high hopes. I am adding the elements I wished I was able to write when I was editing the short story. I ended up having to shave off 343 words as it was, that is more difficult than writing them.

Thanks for the comments. I enjoy reading the non-spam content. I was asked about how often I blog. I try to blog every day, I do miss some days, but rest assured I am writing somewhere else. One of the secrets to being a good writer is to write every day, practice makes perfect. I believe I have been writing every day since I started my blog, about three months now, but I started writing in January and spent three months straight writing my first novel, I just have to get one agent to read one of my two stories. My third story I am thinking about another contest but I have another week in which to get it worthy.

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