The Rubber Tree Plant

Okay, I have had a major set-back. My MS submission was rejected. No critique, just a note to keep trying, I may find an agent who is interested in my project however, they are not, — there I said it.

In my recent query submissions four have come back not interested. I have been querying two separate projects. I have been reading up on how to improve my quest and I plan to continue my search for the agent that will see something in my work that is worth the effort. I have also purchased a book which was a suggestion from one of the agents, I am going to follow every suggestion.

I have three complete stories and I am working on a fourth, I have entered several contests most of which have passed the time with no word from them. That seems to be a common occurrence in the industry. However, I must say the latest query submissions have replied, even though it was a no, it’s a time saver because I can now move on. I have one more contest entry that will be announced before the end of the year. It was a short story written especially for the contest.

Three of my four stories are centered around the same time period, and the fourth bumps into that same period in a time travel scenario. In writing my first novel I came across several ideas that intrigued me and still do.

After my third story I wondered where the fourth would come from, I found it in writing the short story which gave me all these ideas that couldn’t be explored in a 4000 word story. If my story wins, which is why I submitted the story in the first place — I think it could win. However, I am not sure what will happen with the full story if I can’t use it. It may end up being just an exercise in writing.

I have been told that my first novel is too long, 140,000 words and I am re-evaluating my stubbornness to keep it that way. It could be broken in half, I could go in and see who is expendable and remove them, right now I can’t imagine doing that.

I am also considering another conference in CT in Nov. I believe in my stories and feel the need to get them out into the public domain. I will keep trying, not sure what will be the fatal blow, many others have given up, I am sure it was about this stage in the process where the negative feedback is outweighing the positive feelings.

My GOAL is to write stories, the CONFLICT is will anyone want to read them? The DISASTER is that the professionals aren’t seeing what I see. My REACTION is to keep trying, my DILEMMA is that the time I have invested is being wasted. My DECISION is that I will forge ahead and heed any helpful suggestions.

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