Being a good listener

As my quote states, I am a good listener. I have written on this subject before, but I was a woman of a few words. Unless of course you know me well. Still, I am reserved and listen. I have several people in my life that need that part of me.

Writing however is not listening. It seems like it is me incessantly talking. Putting my words in other people’s mouths, I still sometimes wonder who wants to listen? I believe that is constantly in the background, it seems like a contradiction.

I am old, I do have quite a bit of water under the bridge. I probably even have some words of wisdom to share. The stories I write are not memoirs but you will find me within the pages.

I am still the same girl who illustrated and wrote a comic book at the age of seventeen — about prehistoric people. Writing fantasy stories at my age makes me wonder if that seventeen year old is still there somehow — I know she is. So with that I forge on, the mind never grows old its only the collapsing flesh around it that gives you a sense of mortality.

When I was seventeen, I went to see a movie called Star Wars. It was a revelation, I had no idea what to expect, I only went along with some friends from work. I really believe it changed my life. I still feel the same, Christmas Day this year is the release of the latest in the Star Wars saga and I cannot wait, some things never change — even Han Solo. Before that I was a Star Trek fanatic my head has always been in the stars. Another recent moment of nostalgia was when I watched Guardians of the Galaxy with my daughter. I wasn’t expecting anything, I was only there because she wanted to see it. I enjoyed that movie almost as much as Star Wars, I love it when that happens.

My reading is a cross genre selection but heavily veering into the historical fantasy realm. The Saxon Series by Bernard Cromwell is amongst my favorite and they are making a television series on that coming out in October. My two latest books were The Brothers Karamorov by Fyodor Dostoevsky and Peter the Great by Robert K Massie. The latter explains the novels I have written of late, two books and a short story, my obsession with the time and the events was the catalyst. I started reading this book quite a while ago and found it fascinating and complete. I am reading it again.

I heard the quote, not sure by whom — If you want to write you must read. It is true, I have been reading incessantly for over ten years, one after the other, starting with Harry Potter, by JK Rowling.

I do write for my own enjoyment and have had some wonderful things happen on paper in the process, I really would like to share my stories but that is a dream, my reality is in the writing.

My mother was a good story teller. This is also something I have discussed before in my blogging life. My first novel has quite a bit of her in it as I am sure is true for most writers — you draw from your life, it may not be so entirely recognizable but it is there woven in the words.

I am still a relative newcomer to this business. I still have a lot of work in store for me to prove myself. I wasn’t the best artist in high school, but I went on to receive a B.S. in Graphic Design. I wasn’t the best artist in college either, but I worked in the industry and still use skills I learned there. It’s all about the effort you put into what you desire.

I am still looking forward to that next bit of good news to pass along to my readers. I hope my thoughts help and I do appreciate the comments that come in from time to time. You can find me on twitter as well. @SNomakeo.

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