Where to go from here?

Two more rejections on my second submission, both fairly recently sent out. “Not a good fit, but keep trying” I had to check both to see the slight differences in their statement.

I spent the last two days online googling “what’s wrong with my novel?”, “How do I self-edit my novel?” there is a lot of material out there. I am embarrassed to say that I am unfamiliar with most of the terminology and spent quite a bit of time looking up the words. I found some rubrics, some snowflakes and several books to read. I am waiting for a book I already ordered to see what is or isn’t available to me after I’m done with that one.

I am quite discouraged, but I am no worse off than four solid first draft manuscripts. I am leaning toward cutting my first book into two books. I am starting to think I may have written two instead of one heck of a long story.

I saw a few sites where I can pay to have my book edited which at first sight looks to be an average of $300 per book. I am not sure I want to go that route yet. I may if I have an extra few dollars hanging around.

I read a column about tips on writing historical fiction it was valuable information, of course I think I have them all covered, odds are I really don’t. In the comment section I saw two comments on grammar errors. I know — a columnist on writing had two errors, I noticed one of them but had no desire to call the author out on it. The hairs on the back of your neck … the ones that stand up when you contemplate writing a book and welcoming all the negativity in — I have those.

I see typos in books, it happens. It just is petty, if I was of a mind to alert the author about the error, I wouldn’t put it in the comments section, but then again — that’s only my opinion. I wonder out loud that no matter what your intentions are, there is always someone looking for your misstep. Then I remember the statement “writers must have thick skin” — this is true.

This brings up another point on a different website with a comment board there was a rant that took over the whole conversation, comments were coming in about the comment and not about the article that the comment section was for. Almost like in a crowded room when they open the floor to questions, if you aren’t assertive you won’t get to ask your question. Such is life that and a nickel won’t even buy you a cup of coffee.

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