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My latest, round of research has me fascinated by the Celts, the barbarian tribe that held most of Europe before the Romans conquered the area. My third book skirted around the fifth century and the history was fascinating. I read the intriguing beginnings of Brittan and never knew the Celts were anywhere but in the Isles. I listened to a documentary about the invasians of the Isle by the Angles, Saxons and then the Vikings. There is still Viking dna in the Western and Northern parts of Wales and Scotland. The rest of England is hard to pin down because the Normans mostly Denmark, invaded France who then raided England in 1066. Ireland and Northern Scotland are of a distinct lineage.

I have also read voraciously the books by Bernard Cromwell and Giles Kristian on these stories of conquest and early Brittan. That is when I first heard of Lindisfarne, King Ethelred and Guthrum. Recently another name crossed my radar; Celtic leader Vercingetorix of Gaul. I find this all fascinating, not sure if there is another story coming from that direction but I am, and have been interested in all things historic. Also many discoveries that were made are now being qualified by dna testing, changing history right before our eyes.

That is how I got interested in the story my second book is about. I ran across a bit of history, logged it in my brain. When I had finished, I tried to find the source and couldn’t at first. I should have written it down! Not sure if that is possible when you are interested in the primary subject and something secondary crosses your mind. Finally, I found the source, it was Robert K Massie’s Peter the Great. Peter I of Russia was alive during the time period of my novel — he has a cameo.

I also read that Peter I of Russia and Louie XIV of France had similar experiences in their youth that turned them from trusting the traditional roles of the Monarch to rejecting them. Both monarch’s built new palace’s away from the sites of the tragedies they both faced. They were not allies, however.

My third book is about the present and future, which makes a great argument for time travel, which of course winds up in my favorite time period, the Eighteenth Century but it is only one small part of the story. I also tampered with the Twelfth, Ninth and Sixth Centuries as well.

Although I may say I am finished with my four stories, you are never really finished until the MS (manuscript) is purchased. I am doing a lot of thinking lately, I have so much to learn and I have put nine months of hard work into this project of being a writer. I have done somethings I wouldn’t believe, unless I experienced them myself. I have one ace in the hole, a short story I entered in a fiction contest, and plan to win.

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