Thinking Ahead

I have so much work to do. I have decided to go through and edit my first novel. While keeping the original, I am going to cut it in half, analyze it and make tough decisions. I did that with my second book, Curious Allure, I tore it apart but for entirely different reasons. I have received three “doesn’t fit” rejections.

When I am creating ads or designing, if a last minute change is made, I have lost the continuity of my original design and more often than not I rework the entire design. I feel the same for my novel Woven in Time. For the rework I’m calling it Woven in Two trying to keep it light. It pains me to think of all the changes that mjust potentially be made, but if a desirable story is the result then that is the point.

When I think about all the good work out there that never saw the light of day — it is disheartening. The publisher is the one who is putting the money behind the work, and they want to start off with a marketing masterpiece, convincing them that is exactly what you have, is another story. Especially when there is are agents involved who are working to keep the MSs that make it to the publisher at a minimum, and a sure bet.

There is so much time and effort involved in a MS that makes it past the agent, and their reputation in on the line as well, it has to have great potential. I have been told that my MS has potential, but it needs to be GREAT. I am really dragging my feet to get into it. I keep reading, hoping that something will dawn on me, because I am not exactly sure what I want to do at this point. My second book had a saggy middle and no end so when I took the axe to it the exercise wasn’t so personal.

This novel is personal, so I am sure it is going to hurt. I have a great middle and end, its the minor characters and sub-plot that is negotiable.

I am so new at this that I am not sure where to turn. I have my complete MS in a contest for a free edit. I have the option to pay roughly $300 for a query and edit, there is beta testing which I know nothing about. I have a hard time getting anyone to read my MS. My devoted sister has read the MS with me aloud and my nephew, Mike, has read 75% of the MS. Not sure why he didn’t finish it — too long perhaps. I have two other friends reading it, but it is awkward to be so interested in what they have to say while you wait to hear from them (it is not their top priority in life),

My fourth book is tied up in a short story contest until the first of the year, I kept writing after the short story (4000 words) was submitted and it was so good that I wanted to find out what happened to the main characters (22,000 words). It is still too short for a book but there is a lot to add in between.

My third book is the Tea Room and I am considering submitting a query in the Women’s Fiction Genre. I did go through and make major changes and have another round of edits I want to do before I send out the query.

Well, I have to go and make lunch. I am squeezing this blog in between an exciting soccer game and egg salad with olives. I would like to have some feedback if anyone has been at this a little longer than myself, so far I am only able to help other beginners by sharing my mistakes.

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