What do I hope to get out of this?

I am struggling, not with writing — but with the purpose. I have lost nothing except time —  perhaps. I have thoroughly enjoyed the stories I wrote and the experience of writing them. I have stated time and time again since I started blogging, that my opinions aren’t any more important than the next guy and sometimes I think not as important. However, you have to be able to sing your own praise and feel that you are important in this business, precisely and succinctly in order to grab the attention of the person you are pitching your idea to.  Meaning; you have to come out of yourself, believe, and reach for what you truly want.

Getting back to the purpose I started off talking about, will my stories ever get read? Why do I want this so badly, is it my ego or some idea of a legacy at the heart of this? At this point I am really not sure, all I know is that I am not alone, there are thousands of people who have written wonderful stories and submitted manuscripts that will never be read on a massive scale.

If you play the lottery, there is a slight chance that the manuscript you submitted three years ago, that has been existing in the slush pile on the hard drive at a publishing company, was picked up by a bored employee who finds the hidden gem and revives it back to the life of the living. There is certain to be great stories lurking there, that would make for a great story.

I have a strong desire to forge ahead, whatever the reason — it is not usually something I would strive for. It would be a thrill to see my story in print and to have the knowledge that I wrote something that people enjoy and care about.

I am constantly reading, watching documentaries and listening to audiobooks among all the other responsibilities I have  as a business partner, wife and mother.

I am planning on going to a book club meeting this Saturday. I say planning because my daughter has a soccer game and my son drives the second car, the meeting is 40 minutes away. I have to make sure everyone can get where they are going before I take off with the car. I have a very supportive family and I am sure it will all work out. Joining a book club is one more of the suggestions to improve my writing savvy and network. It will be good to connect with other writers who are in the same situation.

There is also another conference coming up in November in Connecticut which I am planning to attend — again the logistics come into play. It’s a smaller venue and perhaps there will be something in it for me to increase my chances to succeed in this endeavor.

Feel free to comment as you have in the past I’d like to hear from you.


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