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I have read through the Guide t,o BOOK publishers, Editors & Literary Agents by Jeff Herman, what’s left is looking through all the lists of Publishers, Agents and Editors. It was a good aside while laboring over what steps to take next. I’m thinking it might be a good idea to get some cash saved up and hire an editor. The BOOK has a nice listing of suggested editors.

I have been spending the last few days reviewing the Dark Ages I am not sure if that is where my next story will come from, but I am intrigued and interested in that time period maybe because my recent negative responses have put me in my own dark age.

I am re-reading some of my audiobooks in the meantime, if you can call it reading. My eyesight is not that great and it relieves a lot of wear and tear on my eyes as I am writing and blogging so often, it’s a nice break and I can even read while driving, I drive my daughter to school everyday about 15 minutes one way.

It is a different experience, however, there is a middle man — the narrator. He/she can make or break the story, and some stories cannot be read by anyone other than the reader. There is limited availability as well, although I have been pleasantly surprised as to what is available. Another contrast is the fact that while reading before going to bed and nodding off you may lose your page but with an audiobook it keeps on playing until you wake up and shut it off, it’s recommended you keep track of the chapter you are on so you can easily go back and continue where you left off.

SAY ANYTHING the tile of this post. It’s the mantra of the writer, keep writing for practice, to stay in the habit and write daily to hone your skill. My most recent short story Summer Palace has been submitted in a fiction contest, my sister assures me it is my best writing yet. It was like filling a glass with water, as opposed to leaving the hose in the pool overnight. It forced me to be concise and I still ended up having to lose about one hundred words because of the word count limit. At this point I am anxious to have someone read something I have written, I still have a lot to learn about the business and I have lost some of the confidence I had this summer.

I realize, as I have mentioned in an earlier blog that reading is so personal and requires all of your attention. I have my MS out to several people who volunteered to read it, but I am not getting much feedback, only excuses why they cannot get to it right now. I am finally getting the message that perhaps a re-write is in order.

One of my first mistakes was sending out a first draft to friends to read, thinking that the obvious mistakes could be overlooked, we were looking for content after all. The truth is; readability is severely inhibited when sentence fragments and punctuation is not correct. No one is in your head and endless explanations, although believable, isn’t probable — you will not be sitting next to everyone reading your story.

When I sat down to write tonight I had no idea what I was going to say, hence the title, but look at the word count (559) and increasing with every word. Several times while blogging I would check the WC and found I was approaching (1500 words) and wasn’t aware I had written that much.

As I am starting to understand that is the fun part of writing the free flowing finger moving — spiritual writing, the business end, however, is not so easy and involves so much more than your brain and the keyboard.

Remember: if you write 900 words a day for three months you will have a novel on your hands.

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