A temporary plan

I have finished the book I have been blogging about the Guide to BOOK to Publishers, Editors and Literary Agents, by Jeff Herman. It certainly has given me some valuable information. It is suggested to hire a freelance editor before sending the submission to an agent who is only interested in a “finished” product these days. A good thought but very expensive. I have decided to try one more time to send out a submission on my third book and see what happens. My theory is that if my writing is the problem, perhaps the third time is a charm, I may be getting better — one can only hope.

I have spent the last two days, constructing the query, synopsis and going over the first three chapters according to the submission guidelines. One last thing to do, read it out loud to myself if it passes the test I will send the submission out tomorrow. Another reason to forge ahead with this book is that it does qualify in the women’s fiction genre. It is a story of five women placed in a terem in Moscow in the early Eighteenth Century.

Traditionally a terem is a place for women where they are not seen or heard. Starting with the Royals they are held to the strictest of this tradition. High nobility Muscovite women remain in the terem until a marriage can be arranged, the seclusion assures a good price for the match.

My fourth book is about the latter scenario, it is a short story I have submitted to a contest. Two books with similar stories may be too close in subject but this story is seldom told and it relates to the subjugation of women even in our own time. Both stories qualify as women’s fiction, one is more historical the other is a romance with historical elements.

Summer Palace my fourth book is on hold until I hear from the contest but I did add quite a bit more, there was so much more story  to tell than the 4,000 words allowed.

These two books take place in Moscow while Summer Palace extends into the Ottoman Empire.

The Tea Room spans thirteen years from the time of the death of Tsar Alexis I in 1676 to the ousting of Sofia as Regent in 1689.

Summer Palace spans six years  1675 to the conclusion of the Russo-Turkish war in 1681.

My fifth book might come from the fact that I have started to edit my first book Woven In Time. It is now called Woven in Two (For my own benefit) I have begun to experience the hard task of being ruthless and seeing if it can stand alone as two separate books. I may have to pull some chapters out, this is the process I have been trying to avoid.

I did rip my second book apart, if you’ve been reading my blogs I talked about the experience. It wasn’t complete at the time, but even with all that effort I received three rejections out of three submissions. I know, that is not much but I was so sure of it — someone please read my books!

Okay I am better now. Tomorrow I hurry up and wait again. I will continue my assault on Woven In Two and see where that leads.

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