Minor Spillage

My first blog post was called spilling my guts. Now, many months later, I have to confess. I am losing ground, I have spent the last few weeks researching. I need to keep at it, I know that, but I am getting frustrated, hence the title.

I have read that the best works never get published, I am not even sure if I fall into that category — regrettably. The research I have been doing is putting a different light on all my projects, when I go through them I may have a more rounded idea of events that I have written about.

One lesson I learned is that the publishers are looking for niche work, that is currently selling. If my story lines ever fall into that category I would be successful. Right now, they are not. I get feedback that my stories have potential, but it’s not for them. I have sent out three separate queries for three separate novels to different agents.

Recently, I have received replies in a timely fashion. Six days for one reply, which was a negative, but the turnaround was greatly appreciated, I sent out another query immediately. Another query received no response, until I sent a message to the agent, after waiting three months I inquired after seeing a tweet that suggested following up on queries, “don’t assume that the answer is no, it may have been misplaced or lost.” Five days later I received a not interested response, not sure if the follow up prompted a search and second review or if there was a poster on the wall with darts in it.

All of the responses I have received, no matter which book was queried was encouraging, while the general message was “not for us, but don’t get discouraged” I am starting to find out how discouraging it actually is.

There are many ways to spend lots of money as well. I have tried to stay away from doing that, however I did go to a conference and invested a bit, now I am contemplating paying someone to read my stories which will cost more money. In the meantime, my “real job” is taking a hit while I spend hours working my second business — writing, and trying to get published.

My first novel Woven in Time, is now two books 70,000 words each. Most of the comments on the query replies were “good story, too long, don’t give up” so I am working to make sure there are two sound stories there (it’s torture), my third novel Curious Allure has received replies saying similar things “not for us, but keep trying, you’ll find an agent who is interested.” My forth novel The Tea Room has received a similar response.

My fifth novel, is a short story that has been submitted into a contest, however I expanded it to 25,000 words and plan to add to it, there is so much more to say. I have to wait until the first of the year to actively promote it. There it stands, they all fit into a Fantasy Fiction, Women’s Fiction with historical elements genre.

After not blogging for over a week, I had to clean all the barbeque grill and humidifier spam from my comments folder. I did however, find some positive comments amongst the trash. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

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