Treading Water

I am in a holding pattern. I have a few new queries out, waiting for replies. I have two of my stories entered in contests winners of both to be revealed by the first of the year. I have made two attempts to find an editor, but have received no response. Thus I am waiting again, this is part of the process — a waiting game.

I am editing my first book, cut it in two stories instead of one, and plan to send out a fresh new query to an agent I have been looking at for awhile. I follow him on Twitter and I like his comments, I have made decisions not to query certain agents based on the same criteria.

I wasn’t selected in the edit contest I had entered either, but I did get some helpful feedback, which is what I am craving … I find it hard to get anyone to read my stories, I know it is a lot to ask, that is why I am researching a professional editor and willing to pay the fee. Now I have to decide on a full edit of one story or a partial edit on several.

I need a stroke of luck, because that is what it will take, some agent somewhere will see something in my stories that will be the catalyst to getting them published. I should be happy in the thought that the enjoyment I experienced in writing these stories is enough for the effort. That is always the bottom line, but I am sure there is something in them for readers to enjoy and I hold on to that little nugget until I am able to break through. One thing I don’t intend to do is write for profit, the story comes first the success comes as the result of a good story.

My first novel inspired the subsequent four stories, in doing research I ran into some interesting areas to further explore. Recently, I have been anticipating stumbling upon other issues that will spawn other stories.

I’m trying to walk and chew gum at the same time, sitting on work, re-editing it and writing new stories not sure when to stick the gum on the bedpost.

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