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I have left my blog open to receive all potential comments, it was recommended not to do so. However, through all the spam and trash, I have received some great comments and suggestions — so thank you! One of the suggestions was to enter contests, which I have done. Three of my stories are now entered into contests, I think they are stellar contests and the bottom line is to get my stories out there, and read!

2016 will either find me on a different path or I will still be at my computer, scratching my head. So far of all the contests I have entered, I only heard back from one, so it is following the theme of the query, where you wait months and then — nothing. There are a few exceptions I have received some passes in two weeks or less, those are greatly appreciated because I worry that I may miss out on an opportunity by being impatient — so I tend to wait the full three months.

I have recently received two more rejections for submissions I made to agents on my second book, Curious Allure. Now I have to reassess my thinking on that one. I think it is a great story but getting past the first five pages, trying to guess what would grab the agent, and encourage them to request more, is the problem. I have written about the process extensively in this blog, I tore CA apart and was so happy with the results, only to fall flat on my face. However, I have never gotten a “don’t quit your day job,” suggestion. They all seem to see potential in all my work, I just need to find the right agent, representing the right publisher.

I have also mentioned reaching out for a freelance editor, I have made two attempts and never heard back from either. The only assumption I can make is they don’t want the work. There is one very commercial editor that I am contemplating using, I may just make the plunge. Its kind of like the progressive (Flo) of editorial services but when its constantly in your face — you may relent. Hey, now that I think about it, that is exactly what I am trying to do with my assorted MS’s, I only hope I don’t run out of agents.

I read constantly, audiobooks — you can take them anywhere. I do find myself having to rewind though, my mind tends to wander. Also the narrator has a lot to do with how the story is delivered. I am re-reading The Saxon Series by Bernard Cornwell the narration is excellent and the first person account is riveting. Reading a book is very intimate, it has its own allure. However, I am always driving and the audiobooks are great for that.

My son came up to me and asked for one of my MS’s to read, I think he heard me complaining about the lack of beta readers, it is still sitting on the kitchen table. I am not sure if he will ever actually read it, but I appreciate the sentiment. I had the MS for my fifth story Summer Palace in my little black bag and was able to hand it over to him, I think he thought he’d have a month for me to get it together, but I surprised him. It is still a wip at 20,000 words. It was submitted in a short story contest, but as I mentioned before I kept going after the required 4,000 words was complete.

Thanks again for the great comments, I hope I am helping someone through this process that I am experiencing, I have faltered somewhat lately, but I intend to keep at it. Blogging helps so much. I have written two of my books through blogging and I find writing excerpts in the blog helps, not sure if it is because blogging is casual? I seem to be able to write from the heart, but it is a rough draft which needs editing before posting. Also there is the conflict of being published or unpublished by way of the blog. Another reason excerpts are good because you get a taste of the story and hopefully will encourage readers to seek out the final product when it is finally published.

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