Got to keep writing

Today I received a generic response to a query I sent out on July 10, 2015. I had counted them out, after three months went by, and that was a correct assessment. My queries have come a long way since then, I keep good records of the queries I send out, dates, agencies, etc. So, it was easy for me to track down the agent and remind myself that it was an early effort, before I evolved — into what? I don’t know, I am still chasing the ever-evasive connection with an agent. I haven’t solved the puzzle.

It is a waiting game, this last one was over four months for a reply. When the query goes out there is a sense that your project is on hold, that is why I started another book after the initial ten queries went out on my first novel. I have four completed books and one WIP so, I hesitate to start another story, but that is my favorite part of the process. Doing mostly what I do here in my blog, writing the thoughts that pop into your head, that total connection between words and thoughts. I have touched on this in earlier blogs, speaking through script not knowing if anyone is listening.

All of my books are pretty much on hold now, I have three stories entered in contests and the results won’t be known until the first of the year. There is time to start another story, but I need to feel the passion for the subject, I am researching, reading and listening for the catalyst to my next story. I have only sent queries out on three of my works, which has magnified the negative responses by three, not sure if I am going about this the best way.

My queries lately, have been going to agents of a specific genre but the responses are disappointing, when they say “not for us but keep looking, there is an agent out there who may feel it’s worth their effort” I am not sure how else to go about this, unless I have misinterpreted the genre I think my stories are representing, that is a problem.

I am looking for a career change, I am hopeful that 2016 will start off with some positive news from the contests I have entered, or perhaps some of the latest queries I have sent out, after some readjusting, will bring in the response I am looking for.

Still, when I go back and read through my stories, I wonder who wrote them. It’s amazing the information that is stored way back in my mind that comes out in a frenzy of words, that will mean something to someone.

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