The best time

The best time to write is when it takes everything you have to put your fingers to your keyboard. That is where I am at this exact minute. I received another rejection — man it hurts!

I’m trying a different tact though, instead of recoiling and letting it get to me I am writing about it as soon as I sent out another query. This negative response came in one week, which is a record.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I received a professional critique on a short memoir I wrote and it gave me the confidence to think that my stories have merit. Although Fairview Bungalow is a different genre for me and it is my most recent work, the positive critique was encouraging. I don’t think my story and writing is too different than my previous works. I’m not sure if my memoir will win an award, but I am going to enter it with great hope.

I appreciate the quick turn around of my last query it is hard to work on a story, send it out and wait. Once the response comes in you can move along. I tend to send individual queries, changing elements as I prepare to send others.

Sometimes I’ll see see a request from an agent I am following on Twitter, this last query was one of those, asking for princesses. Well, I thought The Tea Room is about princesses, but obviously not the right princesses. Mine were real, well three of them lived to be adults. the other two died in infancy and I included them in my story.


Locked away in the silence and seclusion of the Terem Apartments, the Five Royal Romanov Princesses would never be a threat. However, the same Romanov blood flowed through their veins and they weren’t so easily forgotten — one of them would rise to rule Russia for seven years.

The eldest sister SOFIA, half-sister of Peter the Great, had a willful spirit that didn’t allow the indignity placed on Royal Women. She ultimately rose to power and set the precedent for the women who would rule Russia.

The second sister MARIA, was not aggressive, but had a spirit that couldn’t be diminished, she learned to read and write despite the fact that it was forbidden. The third sister, Yevdokia, born between princes Feodor and Ivan, was of poor health and had the same illness that took the lives of Tsar Alexis I and Tsar Feodore III.

NATALYA dealt with her seclusion through her imagination, creativity and her love for her ailing sister, FYODORA was traumatized by the seclusion and loss of her father. The two youngest were full sisters to Peter l of Russia.

The fate of these sisters was to be determined by the western influence that brought on cultural changes in all areas of Russian society and by their own individual strengths. Russia would be ruled by women for the following seventy years.

The Tea Room is a Women’s Fiction Story with a Historical base, and Elements, of Fantasy and Romance, complete at 31,242 words.

Among the spam and trash I have recently received there have been some great comments, thank you so much for reading and sharing my blog.

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