A Reason To Blog

I have a reason to blog. I’m a writer who is trying to promote my first novel Woven In Time. I haven’t spent the time to explore all the possibilities to enhance the look of this site. I am mainly interested in writing, putting down thoughts, sometimes blogging books and excerpts. Mostly, I blog about my experience so far with my stories and what I’m doing to get them published. The process is not unique, but I include my own learning curve and take on the situation. I haven’t been writing, as a passion, very long, and I’ve been blogging for less.

The urge to write a novel hit me about a year ago and I started the blog when it was suggested to get a platform.  I have a lot of information under my belt — life. There is a lot I could write about, but I’m not an expert. I felt I could be credible writing about my experience in the business of publishing my books. I have followed most of the suggestions, read many blogs, skimmed through articles, and attended a writers conference.

I have sent out many queries and received as many rejections. I’m re-evaluating my work and writing more stories. I have tried different genres, the most recent is a Short Memoir. I may have come out of the block a little too fast. I made some early mistakes, but I’m still trying and learning.

  1. Woven In Time an epic family saga Fantasy Fiction with Historical Elements, many queries and a partial MS rejected. Originally it was 140,000 words but I have since condensed it to two books 70,000 words each. Currently it is in the Book Pipeline Contest.
  2. The Tea Room, a Historical Fiction based on the sisters of Peter the Great. Complete at 32,000 words has also received rejections and is currently in a competition in the UK. I blogged about it recently.
  3. Flaked Tuna is a Science Fiction, Fantasy complete at 50,000 words. It also has received rejections and is in its second revision (major) its name was changed recently.
  4. Summer Palace is a Short Story Romance entered in a contest which should be revealed soon. It was 4000 words until I wrote an additional 16,000 words because I wanted to find out what happened to the two main characters. If I don’t hear from the contest I will add another 10,000 words to make it a good sized book.
  5. Curious Allure is an excerpt from Flaked Tuna which I re-wrote to conform to an 8,000 word Short Story Contest. It is a Historical Fiction based on the early life of Catherine I of Russia. That will be entered before the end of the month.
  6. Fairview Bungalow is a Short Memoir of 4000 words written for another contest, and sent in for a critique. I have made adjustments according to the critique, but left most of it alone also according to the critique.

I have printed out all my MS’s and read them aloud which is highly recommended to do for the self-edit. I did find it helpful and made changes.

My top priorities now are getting my two Short Stories ready to submit. Then the major re-work of my Flaked Tuna story, “Put one foot in front of the other …” that’s the phrase I keep using to keep my son on track, this is the season.

Another helpful tip I have been hearing lately is to keep reading … readers make good writers. I have never read so much in my life. I download audiobooks I find I can listen while doing chores and at bedtime.

Right now I’m obsessed with Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Series. I’m on the eighth book and look forward to the long rides to pick my daughter up at school, so I can get more of Uhtred of Bebbanberg. I love reading Historical Fiction and this is as good as it gets, according to me.

It’s a balancing act, family of four, business owner, and two dogs. Not to mention Christmas is next week!!!!!!!!

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