Star Wars Flashback

Some years ago I went to see a movie with co-workers. I had no idea what the movie was about at the time, I only wanted to enjoy the company of my friends outside of work. The first ever Star Wars was on the screen and I was entranced. I will never forget the feeling of (I need a word), do any words exist that can explain it? Awesome, doesn’t do it, amazing doesn’t do it, I was lost in it and have been ever since. That is the main reason why I drove 150 miles (round trip) today to bring my son, whose car broke down, to meet his friends in NY to wait in line to get to the show.

Those memories are what increase the richness of our lives. I hope he experiences the same feelings that I have no words for, I’m going to see it as well, but I’m not going to wait in line, I will go when the newness wears off. However, I CAN’T WAIT but I will.

Now, if you have done anything way out of the normal expectancy for someone else, there is usually¬† a reward. Not that you expect anything, but I thought of an idea for another book which I’m going to draft, it came to me as I drove home in the deluge and gloom. It’ll be on the way back burner, but it will inspire me and keep me writing.

Today, my blog is a little short, I have to pick up my daughter and my unexpected jaunt took a chunk out of my day. Sometimes, though, these things are necessary.

Star Wars was a pivotal time in my life, it hugely affected me. Isn’t that way we write stories? Thanks Alan.

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