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Today, I have reacted to some suggestions that came through from people commenting on my blog. I started this blog as a means to improve my writing and give some insight into the process of being a writer and getting published. Hence, the title Woven In Time, that is the name of my first novel, at the time I was trying to market that story. I do agree the name is obscure, it doesn’t explain the objective of this blog. I’ve mentioned before that I needed to blog about a subject in which I’m knowledgeable, so I blog about writing because that is all I do right now. I did however make a concession I’ve added a disclaimer.

Some of my blogs are excerpts from stories I have written. As I have explained before there is a sense of freedom while blogging, the stuff comes out and I deal with it later. Believe me there is a lot to deal with later. Some blogs are what’s simply on my mind or type as you go.

Yesterday, I blogged a new story I’m developing it’s an idea that came to me while driving home, I mentioned it in an earlier blog. I’m going to have to come up with an acronym for that: Mentioned In An Earlier Blog.

If you read that particular days entry, I mentioned Star Wars and driving my son. At the time I couldn’t think of the word to describe the impact it had on me oh so many years ago. The word is “seared” I heard it to describe something in an audio book, it was the word I needed to describe how Star Wars affected my the first time. It was seared in my memory, I saw The Force Awakens and felt it was a reunion seeing some of the characters again.

Tomorrow, I will continue my story about Lucid and Peter I don’t know where I am going with it, but it will reveal itself in my blog. As I go about my day, I sometimes jot things down, like I did this morning — something to do with relationships. I love historical fiction and romance, I’m not sure if Peter and Lucid have a chance, although he is a rabbit in her alternate life. Wait a minute it just dawned on me Peter is a rabbit? I’m going to have to change his name or his species.

Lucid is me in a way, I wanted to use a different POV than I have to date. I have used a diary in one story The Tea Room to get that POV, but I have read a series lately in first person singular and was drawn in. I’m also rewriting Flaked Tuna and I want to work in a first person plural voice, it’s a time travel novel where the protagonist’s brain is invaded by a friendly force and has a fpp conversation with a professor. Other than those few instances I have been writing as the all-knowing narrator. There are many options.

What I’m excited about is the potential to put my personal knowledge into a story. It started with a memoir Fairview Bungalow I wrote for a short story contest, Bits of yourself do drift into your work — of course, but now I’m writing actual experiences into a story that don’t require research at every step.

I recently read a book, when I say read I mean listened to — you get it. I was about to give up on it, but I started over — I had become lost. Re-reading the first fifteen chapters was an eye opener, now thirty chapters into it I can’t wait to read more I’m hoping there’s thirty chapters left — at least. That makes me think about my stories that aren’t getting past the first stage. Perhaps not every one would be lost in the first fifteen chapters of that book, certainly not everyone would give it a second chance. My stories are like a fine wine, they need to be sniffed and swirled. Instead they have to be a slam dunk, nothing but net, a little net won’t do.

I keep getting the encouragement not to give up. Somewhere out there is a half court contest that I may hit.

I plan to blog tomorrow but if the Holidays get in the way, I hope you have the best of the Season with family and friends.

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