Staquard est (Ch 3)

The long ride home on a Friday night when the traffic was bumper to bumper gave me time to reflect on the strangeĀ  realization that my waking world and my dream state were somehow trying to communicate with each other. The one clue Staquard Est, that I had written on a piece of paper while dreaming found its way into my lunch bag. What if I’m dreaming now? No amount of searching or deductive reasoning is giving me a clue as to what, if any, message I’m trying to send myself.

Karin was sitting on the front porch of our apartment, the food cooking itself this time in a crock pot.

“Peter is upstairs, he’s still not feeling well.”

“Have you talked with him?”

“No, I’ve been out all day, I had two interviews and a possible job offer, I’m waiting for a text.”
Great news, Karin. I hope you get the job.”

“Let’s eat, I doubt Peter will be down.”

“Karin, get it started I need to drop this off and I want to check in on Peter, I’ll be quick.”

Peter was busily keying data on his laptop, fingers flying across the keyboard.

“Hey, Karin said you were sick, you don’t look sick enough to skip dinner.”

“I have to figure something out, I’ll talk to you later, but I have to do a bit of research.”

I sat next to him on his bed, and pushed the lid of his laptop toward him to obstruct his vision to give me his full attention.

“What is going on? You’re beginning to worry me.”

“Bring me something to eat when you’re done, I need a few more minutes, grab me a beer too, I’m going to need it.”

I knew better than to argue, I didn’t share my new information about Peter with Karin, we had a nice meal, homemade rolls and garlic butter. We chatted for awhile and I brought a tray up to Peter. He was gone, his laptop was powered off, I turned it on but didn’t have his password and closed it.

Peter meant more to me than a room mate, Karin keeps reading into it, but it’s not a crush, I have a similar sense about Karin. In my room I researched dreams and dream states, it was recommended I leave a notebook and jot down everything I remember as soon as I awake, I decided to do that.

I looked at the ceiling and the reflection of headlights from cars traveling down the Boulevard. Too much going on in my mind to sleep, somehow the transition from one world to the next occurred anyway.

Mirro bore the stress of riding at full gallop, the site before my eyes made the decision to stop an easy one. The goat boy stood alone in the field, I knew him, he was a friend of Peter’s. He was a young adult goat-ish person who worked the land of his uncle. Peter had told me of the situation he had found himself in. His uncle’s estate was his legacy. He had worked for him since he was a kid, he was clever and worked hard. He loved his uncle and had bought into that whole family thing. Now, here he was, a serf working his land for someone else.

“Joachim, I’m a friend of Peter. I’m on my way to Stoquard Estate with a message.”

On my way past the crossroads I noted the sign the way it should have been read. Joachim recognized me and told me some of his story, I promised him I would stop on my way back, I was in a hurry to deliver the message. The goat boy had some water and feed for Mirro; and some warm bread and ale for me soon we were on our way.

The Varnum was Lord Estry of Staquard Estate, I handed him the message from Arthur, whom I learned later was Sir Dominic Weatherly, sworn by oath to Feodor, the late brother of the Dark Elf Ulmer.

Ulmer, along with the Barons had conspired to rid himself of his brothers and share the wealth left by his father. Ulmer needed the Barons’ to aid him in the treachery.

I stayed in the complete comfort of the room that once was occupied by the Varnum’s daughter who had since married and livedĀ  nearby. I had never know such comfort, it didn’t take long for sleep to consume me.

I heard Peter moving about in his room, I had the presence of mind to write down the names foremost in my mind. I found the blue terrycloth robe and stepped outside my room.


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