I do have a voice

The sk,eptical blog I wrote awhile ago about finding my voice — read it, but take it with a grain of salt. What I have read/heard about finding the voice that will enhance your writing — may be true afterall. It remains to be seen, but actually the comments from readers of my blog were the inspiration for my conclusion. I started noting a common theme coming forth — humor. Several comments were about the humor in my writing. I re-read my own blogs and didn’t see it, but how can I deny what the visitors to my blog are saying?

I have always been told I have a great sense of humor and I hate to admit that early on my nephew mentioned that.

“You are very funny, but it doesn’t show up in your work.”

I passed it off with many other comments that didn’t make sense to me at the time. I had to get hit over the head several times in order to truly reflect on it.

My husband keeps asking me when I’m going on the road, unfortunately he gets most of my “barbs” but he is very easy going and laughs at the irony (truth as I see it). When I first heard the comment I thought how can a war or struggle to flee the enemy have humor? It’s serious stuff, but I’m starting to see the point that was being made.

Blogging helps — it does! I have heard that from day one, but I can attest to that statement, my readers picked up on the one thing that was alluding me.

My next project is to make the corrections from the final edit of my contest entry Curious Allure, a short fiction story. Then I will do the same with my Short Memoir entry due after the first of the year. It was while I was writing Fairview Bungalow that the change in POV helped to bring out more of me. The other helpful tips I heard about writing in different POV’s and genres are also true, short stories as well, condensing an entire story in 5000 words or less is a great exercise from someone whose first novel Woven In Time was originally 140,000 words. I have since broken it into two stories.

I’m looking forward to 2016 there is so much to be done this year, last year at this time I had no such aspirations — amazing what a year can bring.

As I look ahead to a great year I wish the same for all those who read this blog and are in similar circumstances, please share with me your experiences and I will continue to share mine. I’m still waiting to hear from the Popular Fiction Short Story Contest I entered several months ago. Nothing so far, it is a waiting game and nothing has been posted as far as I can find. Be undaunted, bend but don’t break and forge on, the rewards will be worth it.

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