Staquard Est (Ch. 5)

My boss wasn’t too happy with the news that I was going into the witness protection program. He reacted the same as when I had Grand Jury Duty — I’m irreplaceable or perhaps inconvenient.

Karin went off to her new job feeling secure in the anonymity of of the bustling kitchen at Leo’s Restaurant. I sat with Peter in the apartment feeling helpless, not being able to access the internet for fear of being traced.

“The goat boy … ” Peter said as he looked at me somewhat confused.

A far off memory of a boy standing in a field, occurred to me. In that context Peter wasn’t right. He looked into my eyes, they weren’t blue, and I felt a strange sensation, two and two didn’t equal four at this point.

“The other Peter.”

“Now you’re really freaking me out, Luce. You said that yesterday.”

“Why did you ask me about the goat boy? His name is Joachim, and don’t ask me how I know that.”

“Yeah, among all my current problems I seem to be preparing for a war of some kind, only … you’re going to think I’m loosing it. There’s a knight and some scarey smaller guys with fur.”

“Remember the slip of paper I found in my lunch?”

“Not really.”

“Oh, I guess I never did tell you, but I had written Staquard est down in my dream and found it in my life in with my lunch, but I had no idea what it meant. However, I started writing down my dreams upon waking and began to realize that my two worlds were blending together — perhaps I’m dreaming you.”

“Ouch, you pinched me!”

“I’m not a dream.”

I felt that feeling again and knew I had to get out of there.

“Let’s go the the Cafe and go online, they won’t be able to track us.”

He handed me a baseball cap and he put on his toque. We were in disguise.

Sitting in the far corner of the Real World Cafe we stared into the screen and we both dozed off.

Sir Dominic was relieved to see his Lord and the Lady McLeod alive, they sat together to discuss how they would reclaim their inheritance and stop Lord Ulmer from his plans to take over the Barrowlands.

“How did you survive the attack? We all thought you were killed.” Sir Dominic asked.

“We had two coaches set out under our banner, the second was a decoy, the one they attacked, then they torched the carriage without thoroughly checking who was inside. It was Serge and Flemmant who died in our place.” Lord McLeod explained.

Sir Dominic bowed his head in deference to his friends who were lost. Peter put his hand on Sir Dominic’s shoulder and said the elven prayer of the brave in honor of the warriors who lost their lives in service to Lord James. He also gave thanks that the Lord and Lady McLeod hadn’t perished.

At that moment I saw Peter in a different light, his strength equaled that of the warrior on bended knee. He knew exactly what to do in that moment, and he knew what he must do to help the rightful Lord gain back his throne and rule the Barrowlands.

A feast was prepared. We ate and drank for the joy of today and tried not to think of what may happen tomorrow. We would all accept our own fate working together to set the world right.

Sir Dominic spoke of the host Peter had trained, and of the support of the Baron’s who were still loyal to Lord James. Their numbers still didn’t match those of Lord Ulmer’s horde, most of whom were mercenaries, but there was still hope that the light elves had received word of the impending battle and would join the fight.

Sir Dominic danced with Lady Fiona and my thoughts turned to Karin and her Doktori who needed to be informed about the current state of affairs. She would be happy to know that my knight survived and looked to be engaged otherwise. Perhaps there would be a grand wedding after the war — if fate allowed.

“Peter, I need to go to Karin and tell her of our plans. I’ll be riding out on Mirro at day break.”

He tipped his glass to me, and smiled. “I should go with you.”

“You’re needed here, there’s no time. I hope to return with reinforcements.”

“Then you’ll take Sybold with you.” He pointed to the frail creature standing by the door to the Great Room. “Don’t let her size fool you, she is a warrior and deadly with a bow.”

I wished I was a little smaller, I didn’t “fit” in Peter’s world, Sybold was perfect for him. I’m a half-breed and didn’t fit in either of my two worlds. However, I was born of love and my existence is testament to that — there was still hope for me.

I looked at Peter and he looked back at me inquisitively. His eyes were suddenly brown, I was looking beyond him, far beyond, the computer screen flickered and Peter’s arm was on my shoulder. I was no longer in the keep of the Overlord’s Castle I was in the Real World Cafe. Was this the real world?

“Ouch, stop pinching me!”

“I’m not a dream.”

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