Another Milestone

I just hit send on my S/S MS Wildest Dreams going out for a professional edit. This is actually my second professionally edited work. The first was sponsored by the contest, I had my 4000 word MS edited and entered it, a short story Memoir, Fairview  Bungalow.

When you are in this position, trying to break into a business where the commitment goes so far beyond your sphere of expertise. Speaking for myself, I read a lot of tips and guidelines to help you along the way.


Don’t use adjectives, adverbs, just, too many pronouns, actually, etc.

Even spell check, or Proofreader doesn’t approve of some of my word choices. I do have to laugh at the amount of  common words I use, even though I realize it going in they still show up on the page. However, when I want to use the word WIFE Proofreader wants me to say SPOUSE, When I want to use QUEEN, Proofreader wants me to say RULER. Sometime JUST is okay to use I think. Are these words going to extinction because of Proofreader?

Another touchy subject is Description, I went into this somewhat in yesterday’s blog. When I write my story this imagery is in my head. There is a thin line between too much description and too little. I think that is also genre driven factor, some readers prefer more background and some would prefer to create the people, places and things in their own mind. Books I pick up to read would never be read by my sister for instance. To make a long story short, know your readers and publishers of the books you like to read. It may JUST do the trick.

Day 12 into the New Year and nothing has happened yet. I have two more stories to enter into contests and two major re-edits. One of the recommendations I have received is to write short stories, this has made the difference for me. Everything is on a smaller scale, and of course there is information about, how to write a short story and all the things that go along with it. I haven’t gone there yet. I keep heeding the advice that works for me.

Another piece of advice is “Write about what you know.” There are two sides to this coin. If you only write about what you know then you learn nothing. If you write about what you don’t know you can spend years doing research.

The Middle Ground

My first novel Woven In Time although still unpublished, took me to world’s I knew nothing about. I had to learn that one horse can’t pull a loaded wagon over down a dirt road. Flintlock guns were around in the year 1700, however too cumbersome for the Calvary. Russia was about to embark on its journey to become a world power and much more.

In Fiction you can add some elements of what you do know into your fantasy. In my Wildest Dreams Short I gave my protagonist a job in a Print Shop, which by the way I also introduced into my first novel. I worked in printing for many years, many industry improvements by 2016, the equipment may have changed but the people haven’t.

An inkling, an idea formed from researching one topic can form a “spinoff” which it did for me, at least two stories are born of that spark. If these stories never reach the light of day, I at least investigated these things that inspired me, in a creative way — by writing the stories.

I’m going to FIX my Summer Palace Novella and send it out to ten agents as was recently recommended, one will be the agent who suggested the idea on Twitter.

My Flaked Tuna story (Needs a Tile Change) is going to take months to edit, I’m going to send it out for a professional edit and re submit it to one of the agents who originally  passed on it, that was also suggested in a Tweet.

One bit of information that is true is KEEP WRITING it does work toward that voice that needs to be in your writing. READ, that will expand your mind and fill it with the necessary weapons for your arsenal.

Thanks for reading my blog and keep the comments coming.

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