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This morning I feel like talking. I’m excited that my goals for January 2016 are within arms reach of being completed. I have one last contest to enter, my story is being professionally edited as we speak. Then I have ten Qs to send out for my Summer Palace story after a quick re-edit of my own.

In February, (It’s always a good idea to have goals set) I have to tackle the ominous job of re-editing my (third time is a charm) edit on Flaked Tuna a 50,000 word Sci-Fi Fantasy story that hasn’t caught the eye of the Sci-Fi genre agents so far. Obviously a name change is due, but the concept is what got the story down on paper in the first place. A strange result from the original concept. It’s a good story, a twist to the time travel themeĀ  and some great characters. I hope I can get it to the point where an agent has no choice but to pick it up.

This is the story that I used to start the online Re-edit course provided by Joan Dempsey,, where I picked up some tools to help in the overwhelming process. In the meantime, blogging, reading and social media will balance out the work on my MS.

You know the Fast Trax line at the amusement park? I wish I had one of those for this experience in my life. When I first thought to write for a specific purpose, my novel Woven In Time, I had no idea of the depth of commitment I was getting into. If I had one of those Fast Trax tickets I could go to the front of the line and get on the ride, looking back at all those poor roller coaster riders looking back at me with envy. However, there is no such easy way writing a book and getting it published, unless of course you hit pay dirt and you find yourself in a trend with a lucky moonshot. No amount of money or a Fast Trax tix can purchase that.

While I’m in line waiting for my ride on the roller coaster, and people in the Fast Trax lane are passing me by, I have to move along, do my diligence to keep up and eventually be standing when they ask me for my ticket.

Of course if anyone with a Fast Trax ticket wants to lean over the caution tape and hand me one, I”ll be ready.

One more thought: about me and my personality, I am spontaneous, quiet, and explosive with my creativity. I’m impetuous as well, that gets in my way. The structure of an organized process has helped me, slow down, cover all the bases, cross my Ts and dot my Is. If any success is going to come my way, I believe that it will stem from the recent discipline I have learned.

I hope spilling my guts continues to help.

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