The Reality of it all

This was not a good review. It seems my work is riddled with common errors new writers often make. The MS I sent out won’t be ready for the plans I had for it. It’s basically not a short story, but another one of my novels trying to be shoved in a smaller format. That created problems of its own. I was directed to some helpful sites that review telling, showing, and the comma splice. That is my challenge now; to get past that basic level, and apply what I have learned to everything I have written.

I am somewhat discouraged; as you can imagine. I ‘m also using semi-colons trying to implement what I’m learning as I go along. In the back of my mind I still have a plan. My stories are good, and I’m told creative. I only have to bridge the gap, and get a complete package.

On another note I found a web site that allows you to upload your short story, or a few chapters from your novel to get a review. There is also an opportunity to review other writer’s stories and rate them. Over time the ratings are calculated, and you get a great idea of how your story measures up.

I found one story to review, I looked for my genre and a short description of the story caught my eye.

It was an experience; a little insight into what an agent does. This particular story was disappointing to start, but in the second chapter the story hit its stride. There were some typos and wrong word choices, but I’m glad I stuck with it. The story did redeem itself, and had potential.

I’m someone who doesn’t sweat the small stuff, but obviously I should. It’s the small stuff that makes the first impression, and it needs to be good. My plan, after a day of trying to avoid the subject; is to review all my work, and check for these small, easily corrected issues.

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