In the Meantime

I have had a few comments on my blog requesting guest bloggers and asking me to blog on other sites. Right now I’m too busy to think of expanding my horizons. I have a full time job as well as writing and blogging. This blog, is not an expert opinion, well, I guess it is because I’m writing about me and my experience of writing and trying to get published.

I do have a few other areas where I might consider myself and expert and that would be as an adoptive mother, because I’ve been one for twenty years, I also work with my husband, that would be a novel in itself. We have a golf marketing business and right now we are preparing for our Golf Expo season, February – March.

I get a lot of comments to keep doing what I’ve been doing since last summer, documenting my experience and hopefully helping others along the way. I have questions about spam, and yes, I get a lot of spam, but that is the price you pay when you leave your self open. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t want to restrict my blog, but when I get tired of trashing all the spam I will reconsider.

Although, I haven’t gotten over that ever-looming hurdle of getting an agent; I’m glad I accomplished what I did over the past year. Blogging is the biggest part of the progress I’ve made; it helps to speak in words and put them down. It forces you to get to the point where words are meaningful. Communicating with words; being able to transmit your thoughts to others.

I have also taken on reading chapters of new writers, I have had a hard time getting someone, anyone to read my stories and give feedback. gives you the opportunity to upload your stories, while reading others stories.

I have read sample stories from three different authors. I accept them randomly, I can skip over the ones selected for me, but so far I haven’t. I’ve read two chapters in two stories that I never would have read otherwise, and was intrigued. The third story was right up my alley, historical fiction. I’m not sure if my critiques helped anyone of these authors, but it did remind me of my own stories and where I need to make improvements. I actually look forward to reading more. It only takes an hour or so and as I build up points I can upload more chapters for review in my book. It seems to be a fair exchange. I haven’t seen any critiques on my story so far. I have banked 3 credits and I believe my story will be up for review soon. I hesitated to upload my short story Curious Allure but after reviewing the stories I find they are somewhat raw, and the authors are looking for a critique to help improve their writing.

I have three short short stories that I’m editing to upload to a contest, 1000 words each. I was busy with that over the weekend. Now, I’m ready to tackle the professional edit on my latest story My Wildest Dreams which came to life right here on this blog. It was suggested I beef it up to make it a novel, but I think I’m going to scale it down to make it a better short story. I don’t have the sense of needing to tell more like I did with Summer Palace. I wrote it as a short story and kept on writing after it was submitted. I’m still writing it and thinking of a sequel.

I have a tendency to jump in head first, and while I’m drowning I realize there is a ‘floatie’ drifting by to grab hold of. Right now I have one under each arm, and I’m treading water. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I have a huge milestone coming up in April, and my goal is to have one of my stories in the capable hands of an agent who loves my story. I will certainly keep you informed.


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