Over the Hurdle

Well, I made it. I took the critique I was given and went through my 8000 word short story and lived. I could have argued some of the points but the editor was not sitting next to me. I thought who am I writing this for? Then I decided; this is my story, but I do want others to read it, and if I’m not being specific enough ( I do believe people can draw their own conclusions) I need to expound. So I bit my lip and went through each and every correction. Some were embarrassing, I can’t believe I spelled lose wrong; I had loose and can’t expect spell check to fix that. Now, did I make more errors, fixing the first errors? Probably, that’s why I’m not going to look at it for a few days. Then a quick review and upload.

I haven’t heard a word from any of the queries I sent out for The Tea Room, other than the WD Popular Fiction Short Story Contest I haven’t heard from any of the contests I entered in 2015, most of the recent contests I entered/will enter won’t be announced until June or July. So, instead of waiting I’m going to try some of the new grammar lessons I learned in the edit I just finished and apply it to every MS I have written so far, plus one more professional edit on Flaked Tuna (name change required) which is 50,000 words and it’s going to cost me about $400. I hate to admit it , but it’s well worth the investment. If you start off will a short story; like I did you’ll see the depth of work that goes into it for a quarter of the cost, and you’ll find out if you like to work with that editor. If you’re really lucky the editor may have connections with an agent or a publisher.


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