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During the roundup of all the places I have placed my various MSs I found some good information on PandaMoon, and gave them credit below. I have posted similar information in earlier blogs but this is more comprehensive and shows that nothing is written in stone.

    • Short Story: 100-25,000 words
    • Novella: 25,000-55,000 words
    • Full-Length Novel: 55,000-90,000 words
    • Epic Novel: 90,000+ words
    • 5,000 words = 12 pages
  • 10,000 words = 23 pages
  • 15,000 words = 34 pages
  • 20,000 words = 46 pages
  • 40,000 words = 88 pages
  • 80,000 words = 178 pages
  • Stephen King: 430,000
  • Harry Potter: 257,000
  • Ernest Hemingway: 68,000

Here are the word counts for some NY Times Bestselling Fiction Books:

  • Fifty Shades of Grey: 105,000
  • Gone Girl: 86,400
  • The Racketeer: 70,400

Here are the word counts for some NY Times Bestselling Non-Fiction Books:

  • Eat to Live: 102,000
  • Zombie Survival Guide: 57,600
  • Heaven is For Real: 32,600

These various figures are important when you are trying to categorize your MS for submission and trying to follow guidelines or starting out to write a novel, epic novel, or novella.

On a completely unrelated subject; we had braced for snow, but have received none so far. In Western Massachusetts we had no doubt that the snow would come. The comments on facebook show a lot of snow has fallen elsewhere. Thoughts and wishes of enjoying the snow, and staying safe.

Getting back to our topic. Some comments have mentioned that I must be an expert in this subject. As I tried to explain before, I am an expert in this subject, because this is my reality. I have done all these things and shared them with you. I chose to blog about my experience, because I am not an expert in the business of writing and getting published. However, by the end of this I may be.

In comparison to others on the same path as me. I am still a novice after only one year and eleven days. I have sent out many queries on three different books. Never to the same agents and waiting the three month, waiting with baited breath period, for each.

I have about eight Q’s out on The Tea Room and I’m revising my fifth MS Summer Palace that I plan to send out to Q as soon as I fine tooth comb it one more time. My third MS Flaked Tuna is burning a hole in the pit of my stomach. It’s a really good story and I have spent the most time writing, re-writing, editing and submitting with the same results. I may have jumped the gun in the early days. However, I’m focused on it, dedicated to it and the characters that live there.

I hope I can tell you of successes, before April, as I’ve mentioned before. A milestone that needs to have a successful new career attached to it. I’ll keep you posted.


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