Tying up loose ends

It’s getting to the end of the month and I am on track with the goals I set for myself. I wrote a new story last month, edited it myself and then sent it out for a professional edit. There was a question if I would be able to get it ready for the upload, but I’m confident that it’s ready to go.

Another area I have been spending some time is at the website YouWriteOn.com. I have uploaded a partial of my 8000 word story Curious Allure; because, they only allow 5000 words for a short story and 8,000 words for a novel. It’s a sampling for other writers to review; however, I have received three reviews. If you follow my blogs you’ll know the struggle I have had simply getting someone to read my stories. All three were positive, and made a few suggestions to help improve my writing. It was very helpful and I was able to make the correx and re-upload the changes.

I have also been reading other writers stories and give my reviews. I have read nine or ten, that gives me bonus points to put my story up for review. It’s a great way to see what other writers are doing and helps to understand why one story affects you more than another. I did turn down one review, they allow that. It was a psyco-murder thriller which I usually don’t read.

I feel like a human turnstile, my stories are everywhere and I have to review where they are and when to rethink my decisions. I have a fear I may be spreading myself too thin, but I need to be productive while some of my stories are on hold (contests, queries, back burner for edit, etc.).

I am also happy to be reading the ninth in the Saxon Series by Bernard Cornwell  Warriors of the Storm. I don’t know why I enjoy these stories so much, it is Historical Fiction which is my favorite genre, but I get so wrapped up in the books, everything is done well. I listen to audiobooks and the narrator does an excellent job. Sometimes, that can make or break a story.

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