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Count to ten. hashtagIamwaiting. Everything about this business requires waiting. I’m as patient as they come, but come on. I’ve read about twenty stories of other writers on and have only received three in return. It’s because I’m so anxious and excited about finally getting someone to read my work. But I find myself waiting, again. Of the twenty or so I have read only one was a standout. The rest were like me and some I could hardly get through. However, I stuck with all of them only passing on one. I don’t read horror and wasn’t about to start now, actually not just horror but  sadistic horror.

One story was written co,mpletely in Old English, very cleverly and well done, but I’m not sure who could get through an entire book of it, it was like reading Shakespeare, not that there’s anything wrong with that but it would be an effort.

One was a blog, not meant, in my opinion, for a novel. The same person going to work everyday making observations. again not meant for a novel in my opinion. The third was a satirical romp which was funny in parts, but again in my opinion, not meant for a novel. A couple had slow starts and ended up riveting, how do you get an agent to slosh through the first chapters?

Maybe I have become too serious. My stories are being pulled through a sieve of acceptability, is that taking all the creativity out of it? That is the feeling I get when reading these nubile stories that are being cut off at the start. What about the creativity? I’ll let you know when I find out.

Another bit of good advice suggested on Twitter. I read an article on the four biggest mistakes in opening chapters. Follow the link provided.

In my criticisms of the stories I’ve read, getting back to that subject, I wonder if the strict bottom line I have been trying to adhere to is right. There are some great minds out there, and as ‘they’ say the best writers aren’t published, the persistent ones are.

Then ‘they’ say … who’s ‘they’ you ask? Oh, you know the millions of theys that are quoted on Twitter every day. ‘They’ say if you think your writing is good, then it probably isn’t. ‘They’ must be talking about me; because, I think my story is going to win every contest I enter. The latest being a short-short (1000 words) Close Encounter. So far ‘they’ are correct, I haven’t won a thing.

However, years ago I did win an essay contest and won lunch for my entire company with a local DJ. That was cool. Another writing accomplishment came from the birth mother of my two children when she said my letters made her cry. Those were tough letters, twice a year for ten years, then once a year for eight more. That’s a subject I could probably write about if I wasn’t waiting for my writing career to take off, maybe a non-fiction story, I haven’t tried that yet.

Look at this, I had no idea what I was going to say and I’ve already written 550 words. That is why I recommend blogging, It is a freedom, like driving — you and your vehicle alone on a highway.

One day I hope I can tell you that my approach is a successful one. Thanks for all the great comments.

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