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I am writing. I uploaded my novel The Tea Room, to a women’s fiction contest that I mentioned in another blog. They only wanted the first 250 words which equals about a single page double spaced. That led me to re-discover that story and I went through it, made changes, embellished it and added about 3,000 words. I wrote this story about six months ago. It’s amazing with all my research that I’m finding structural errors. Since its fiction, not sure if it really matters to anyone but myself. Since it has been reworked I plan to send off a few more queries. I have four out there and I checked the date — one month ago today. It seemed so long ago.

I also uploaded it to YouWriteOn.com hoping for some constructive criticism to continue to improve my story. I was complaining earlier about waiting for everything in this business — it seems. But, I finally did get a fourth review on my Curious Allure story. “Good plot and solid research” however, this reader also wanted to see more in depth descriptions of the main characters. That is a drawback on this website, the reader only gets sample chapters so it’s hard to discern whether it’s an actual point or simply not covered in that chapter. In my case, it’s most likely the former. Again, there are word count limits and after adding some detail I can no longer fit the section I had uploaded earlier. However, I have received four solid critiques.

I have also read one story each day since I joined this site. Today my story was a rough, very rough draft. You are required to be constructive and supportive. It was a diary (another one) with no dialogue and a day to day description and not a story. I have great experience with that since I have a diary 1ps POV in my The Tea Room novel. I had been writing the great and powerful narrator POV and wanted to try something different, but the diary is about 25% of the story and I thought a good vehicle to get into the mind of one of the five main characters. It was fun to do. Now, if I get seven good reviews then it goes up to be reviewed by a professional. I only need four more. Perhaps five, not sure if my scores to date are high enough.

I went through my ninth in the Saxon Series by Bernard Cornwell way too fast. I will definitely read it again before the next one comes out. However, I’m into the second Mistborn book The Well Of Ascension by Branden Sanderson, as the plot thickens I’m concerned my predictions may be a little off. I’m pretty much addicted to that story as well, a little more fantasy than the gritty HF of the Saxon Series.

I am writing, I am reading and keeping myself in it. As I go along I begin to understand the criticisms I have heard along the way. It is really tough digging into your prized possessions (3rd Draft MS) and dropping incidentals that at first seemed key to the story.

I’ve started to think about cover design that is another exciting prospect but has anyone been able to judge a book by its cover in this day and age?

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