What spurred me on

I have dug into the second most daunting task of my career so far. The rework and re-edit of my story which I’ve been calling Flaked Tuna but needed a new name. It w,asn’t a top priority in fact, I was going to put it out for suggestions, but I have decided to call it The Places You Will Be From it is my Science Fiction Fantasy with a little Romance.

I have gone through a few chapters and making many changes. I had marked up the MS after reading it out loud and then going through it again using a checklist. It’s not that I actually put it off, it was such a daunting task that I found other projects that needed attention and left that floating in the back of my mind.

What spurred me on you ask?

One: The positive feedback I’ve been receiving on YouWriteOn.com on another book I uploaded Curious Allure,

Two: which is actually an excerpt from The Places You Will Be From I had taken 10,000 words and scaled it down to fit an 8000 word limit short story contest.

Most of my stories stem from my first novel because of the extensive research and fascinating facts I uncovered that weren’t covered in my book. And to my surprise weren’t covered in any book I found.

Three: I completed my goal for January and cleaned up my desk — so to speak. I guess feeling good about my work and being in a good frame of mind helps.

It’s a good feeling; re-visiting the characters and seeing improvements that are needed. Originally, it was an all encompassing narrator with dialogue; now I have added a 1ps element to add a more personal touch. That adds a whole new dimension, almost like a diary where the reader will find out what the protagonist (in all her different forms) is thinking.

I’m into at least 12 hours in the last three days and I put in about 16 hours prior to this. It’s major. Six chapters twenty to go. I’m planning to send this out for a professional edit.

I would love to sit down with the editor and discuss my story one-on-one. I have no idea if this is done. I’ll certainly write about my quest to find out. The last edit was hard, reading notes from a cross-platform word doc and that was only 8000 words. This one is over 50,000 words — plus by the time I’m done.

In my critiques I received on my story Curious Allure my strength is in Theme and Plot. My weakness is Description. I am a woman of a few words and it’s hampering my progress. Running into that brick wall again and again will make the difference for me, I am sure. My quote at the top of my weblog illustrates this. I had written a short story Driven to Listen which I entered into a contest last Fall. I never received any feedback. I took that story and cut it in half for a short short American Fiction contest. It was inspired from this quote by Erskine Caldwell.

My first work that needs a serious rework and edit is three times the size of the one I’m tackling now. That one is going to kill me I have so many ‘darlings’ in that compilation. That story Woven In Time has been on the back-burner for about four months, it’s in the Book Pipeline Contest and I should know by March what my options are.

Don’t hesitate to comment on any of the points I have brought up or share experiences. Thanks for reading my weblog.

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