Ripple Effect

I’m at it every day. I have had to become more organized or things that are important to me will fall through the cracks. I have mentioned (often) about the website I found I have uploaded two of my stories to get and give critiques, it’s great to read stories of writers in a similar situation as me, trying to get past the first page and chapter ‘jitters’ and on to success. I’ve mentioned before about the fact that not the best writers always get published there are many that give up. Well, I feel privileged reading stories from undiscovered writers and I hope they are able to break through to getting published. One of these writers contacted me after I read sample chapters and asked if I wanted to be a reading buddy. Heck yes! So, that’s my ripple effect. I am reading her (excellent story) and she’s reading my shock-disaster that I’ve been getting not so great reviews on. This other writer is strong where I need work and perhaps I can find the solution through this exchange and offer her something as well. If you ask me just getting someone to read your work is a challenge.

Again, no emotion and the pace is too fast, commentary, it seems in all my work. I had received four great reviews and then four not so good reviews. I need to find middle ground and make the necessary adjustments. Although, Curious Allure is a short story and perhaps I crammed too much into it. The other story I uploaded and by chance the one I sent along to my reading buddy; has only two reviews both underwhelming and surprising. I’m treading water on that one, I don’t want to rush in and start making changes until I hear from my rb (reading buddy).

Her story has vivid imagery and it would be a shame if it never sees the light of day. I’m only reading a chapter a day so far because I’m also reading and critiquing, and re-writing my third book. That is the organizational work I was referring to. I’d like to get a few hours to do the read justice. I’m also reading the third Mistborn book by Brandon Sanderson, The Hero of Ages and I’m enjoying the audiobooks.

Then there is my full time job. The golf business, this is the busy season. If I keep my ducks all in a row I should be able to give each an appropriate amount of time.

I hopes this helps, please feel free to comment.

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