Lost and Found

I was lost. Now I am found. This is a frustrating business. Perhaps I have too many irons in the fire. Perhaps I’m too headstrong, naive, or impetuous. Perhaps I’m being redundant. Perhaps I’m showing and not telling. Don’t we tell stories? We don’t show stories, do we? Ignore me.

I only just climbed down from the tree. The giant willow in the front of the house, whose hanging boughs swayed in the breeze while its leaves wept. The tree we hung out in when we were kids. The ‘horrible creatures’ that lived there and earned shrieks from two silly girls perched amongst them. The glorious mother that has since been cut down and will forever live in memory.

Okay, too many irons. Not recommended. I have nine stories that I have written, all shells, first drafts, slug fodder. I felt that way until I received a critique back from my reading buddy. No, it wasn’t attached with a gold star or even a smiley face. But, the criticism was constructive, targeted, and yes it did mention ‘showing’ not ‘telling’ but specifically and not generally. I feel I can tackle it, oh, and I also Googled the keyword ‘telling’ and read about six articles on the subject.

I also found my reading buddy’s story to be exceptional, yes, it was a first draft. I was impressed. But, I also looked up the seven critiques she received online, kind of brutal, it helped me to put a different perspective on the brutal critiques I’ve received on my recent upload of The Tea Room. Opinions are just that, there is someone out there, preferably an agent, who will like your story, your perception of that story, and your delivery of that story.

My reading buddy’s first draft was recently uploaded to YouWriteOn.com, by the time I uploaded my story I had sent out ten queries and on my fourth draft. That is why I used the term impetuous to describe myself.

The phrases; too many characters, it should be a short story, I don’t understand why the character didn’t know that, perhaps x should be the MC, a little more showing and less telling, are a tempest in my head.

In the meantime, I’m re-editing my story for a professional edit The Places You Will Be From (formerly Flaked Tuna) that could cost up to $1,000. I’m going to have to believe in my story quite strongly to forge ahead with the project. I would like a one on one with said editor, I mentioned that earlier in another blog post. I want to learn form the edit, especially at such a high rate.

Okay Vikings premiered last night and I digress.

I say all this only because I want to document the process and I sometimes let it get the best of me. But then, a nudge from above energizes me. I am still reading, constantly. A book, Mistborn book 3 by Branden Sanderson. The requested reads, on YouWriteOn.com, one a day and the book my reading buddy wrote.

The comments that were coming in with a fury have slowed down. Please comment if you have something to add or just want to talk or ask questions. I’d love to hear from you.

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