Building a Foundation

I’m working hard trying to build a foundation for a platform when I finally get one, or more, of my books published. One good source has been I have been reading works of other writers offering constructive criticism (I hope) and getting some in return. Two authors I reviewed reached out to me and gave me some pointers to improve the story I have uploaded to the site. It’s good to build relationships with other authors, you never know when you could help them or they could help you in the future.

I am currently reading The Killing Face by Ken Humphrey it’s a crime thriller and one of the books I reviewed, one of the best. After reading sample chapters I was able to download the entire book and I’m almost half way through and its a good page turner that I recommend. The book is available on or My other contact is more at the stage I am right now. First Draft MS and rework.

One thing I did do, like I said I was going to do in an earlier blog, is to contact a professional editor for my 55,000 word and growing MS The Places You Will Be From. The process was: my initial contact, which I got from my Guide To BOOK by Jeff Herman, the editor replied to my query requesting ten sample pages after I did that she replied that she would like to talk to me about the project and give a quote to do the work. I liked this editor in particular because she’ll work one-on -one with an author and that appealed to me. I will keep you informed about the process and progress.

I did have two previous edits done on short stories but I feel I need someone who can move my creative work into the realm of a sell-able item. I did hear back from the WD Short Fiction Contest in which I didn’t place. That entry was the beginnings of a sequel to the Summer Palace which is now submitted to I had uploaded it in January but somehow didn’t complete the process, so now I’ll wait an additional eight to ten weeks to hear from them. That is a good lesson to learn, make sure you follow through or a long industry wait becomes an even longer industry wait.

I am also reading another book (audio) A Bride Most Beguiling by Deeanne Gist and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. A Historical Fiction Romance, my genre. At this stage in my writing I’m starting to pick up on what makes a great read, I only need to apply it to my own stories.

After my conference call with the editor, scheduled for tomorrow, I feel like I’m stepping up my pursuit of becoming a published writer, I’m also going to be stepping up my financial commitment to my work. However, if I was to self-publish there would be a substantial cost to that, so I’m choosing my own direction. I think what could be wrong with my novel, getting it off the ground, is workable. My grammar is horrendous and embarrassing how I have forgotten even the simplest rules of grammar, but I still maintain that some of the rules have changed since the dawn of time.

Please keep reading and commenting I appreciate your time.

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